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Bought some fancy coffee. The instructions are all in foreign. Looks like instant coffee but it’s soft and tealeafy in consistency (it’s not tea, fuck off) rather than powdery or granular. When brewing it all floats on the surface, doesn’t taste very strong at all, then the bottom of the cup’s solidly goo. What would an adult do? Have i bought filter coffee or something, or am i just not making it right?

Top lads.

Could it be Turkish coffee? Never seen it dried but it has to be cooked on the stove and leaves a silt behind

Take a pic of it and post here

Yeah man get using a cafetiere on that stuff
Also insert a joke about superheating water here

something about a tin of stella and a nana


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link to kik’s meal diary photobucket

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Well then

Is it coffee leaf tea?

(Not being a bellend, that is actually a thing. My colleague drinks it sometimes)


it’s easily google-able but i can’t get it to load for some reason


Fancy instant coffee

That’s what i’m saying, do i need a machine or what? Normally just bang a spoonful of Kenco in the pissing cup and Robert’s yer aunty’s fella.

If it doesn’t dissolve easily in water it’s not instant coffee chief. Sounds like filter coffee, you’d need something to filter it.

Payday treat at Booths?

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Classic case of Occam’s Latte, this.


water’s not hot enough

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