A question

How much would you generally spend/budget for per day on a holiday…say a budget trip to a major European city, assuming your digs were paid for and you weren’t going for the booze?

Fiver. But then I’m Scottish.


I’m thinking £75…but then when i add that up over the ten days it seems like a lot of money to spend on an apparent budget holiday.

Always make the mistake of spending too much when abroad. Not sure increased spend necessarily means increased enjoyment, eh.

If accommodation is taken care of and you don’t need to set aside money for booze then it’s mostly just meals, isn’t it. Cheeky pastry for breakfast, whatever passes for a sandwich over there for lunch, whatever the fuck you want for dinner… £30 + booze should do it, I reckon.

50 euros somewhere like barcelona, half that somewhere central/eastern

hard to say because it’s different if you’re going for 2 nights or 5. when we went to new york for 5 nights we made sure we had a couple of more chilled out cheap days (picnics/cheaper restaurants etc) because eating and drinking out can soon add up.

I’d say £50 a day you’d have enough to eat, drink and do things.

Where you off cheif?

It depends massively on the place I’d say. Barca I was OK on fifty euro a day but Rome was so expensive I spent double that + more

Looking at somewhere in Spain, but struggling to keep the costs down. Flights are cheap, accomodation’s relatively cheap, but then even if you budget £50 a day, which seems pretty conservative, you’re still talking £600 minimum all in for a week away. Only way round it is proper slumming it in hostels, but that’s not enjoyable. Don’t know if there’s such thing as a budget holiday.

Another one for about fifty Euro for an expensive place.

If you aren’t fussy why not do portugal instead? Found it really easy to keep costs down in Lisbon.

If I wasn’t drinking I could probably do madrid on 25 a day. Just have tapas/free bar snacks in the evening.

dunno if it’s just me, i’ve had a few people say they found Rome to be expensive but on the two times I’ve been I felt it was the opposite. Ok I wasn’t there for fine dining but decent pizzarias and bars were very reasonable. I guess you have to pay for the sights and things but like Barcelona I’d definitely recommend it for an affordable city break. Maybe I’ve just been lucky with the central areas I’ve stayed in.

Expensive places in my experience are Paris, Milan, Vienna, all Switzerland, Scandinavia. Cheaper places - Spain, Germany, Eastern Europe. Belgium and Netherlands are a mixed bag. Some places in France are more reasonable.

I don’t think £50 is conservative.

If you break it down you can do £15 on food per day, what else you spending on? Doubt touring \ travel will be +30.

Personally when I go to Europe £ mainly goes on beer as we tend to go out every night. Becomes too much after 4 nights straight though.

what about somewhere were you can self-cater, or at least do your own breakfast/lunch and then you’re doing one meal out a day? Dunno who you’re travelling with but we did a 3 night Barca holiday with friends and hired a decent apartment which was really cheap and meant we could do food and pre-drinks. Not sure if I’d fancy a week away in one particular place unless it was a beach/pool holiday.

Think I spent about £60 a day in Seville last year, including a not inconsiderable amount of booze (which is dirt cheap over there so it didn’t have as much of an impact as you’d think). Having said that I didn’t spend anything on transport beyond the taxi to and from the airport and it was before the pound had gone to shit.

I’m actually not big on food, I’m up for eating local but try and do cheap as I don’t think I appreciate good food. Couldn’t really find owt in Rome, I found this one cantina but it was proper shit. Like Batchelors pasta’n sauce on a plate and €10.

I think Rome was expensive because of the public transport/ tourist attractions and alcohol. Was always on the cheapest wine too!

You planning on doing owt whilst you’re there…? Football tickets, gallery tickets, train tickets…etc You can usually find out in advance and plan accordingly…

Can even suss out roughly how much an expensive meal out will be if there’s somewhere in particular you want to eat.

What sort of accommodation…? Eating out adds up… but just having brunch and an evening meal… Or buying loads of snacks from supermarkets helps

What percentage of that is roughly spent on adult stuff, and how much goes on action figures and comics?


another vote for davidoff 50 quid a day. some days you’ll spend a bit less, some days more. I generally always get out another ton or so on the last couple of days, just in case.

I say just in case. purely for duty free treats innit

Yup. 50 spot per day after travel and accommodation is the catch all answer for being in the standard not scrimping and not splurging range when exploring or mooching about in a city. Dilute to taste, according to location and planned activities. Bon voyage.