A quick poll: MCR

How many people do you know who went to the My Chemical Romance concert in Milton Keynes. This is important research. Please bear in mind the polls are public

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  • I went!

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Where did you go to school?

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Four that I’ve seen on insta but probably more.

Their new song is beyond awful imho. Sounds like it was mixed in a blender.

Anyone I know who would have wanted to see them probably would have done so at the Eden Project instead.


I know two who went (together) to the Eden Project. Must have been nice to walk around the biomes when they played stuff off their last album. Bit jealous tbh

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‘A quick poll’. Count how many times you hear that said. Truth is it’s three normal polls.

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what’s the research for?

I said zero but maybe someone here I know did. But at the age of 47 they’re not a band my contemporaries or near-contemporaries have much affinity for.

To see if my experience is normal. Never seen so many people who dont know each other from different parts of my life go to this single concert.

As I say… very important.

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I put 2, but 1 of them is someone on here, does that count?

Thats fine as long as you know them. You could recognize them and if you said hi they would say hi back. If they have a mortal grudge on you then the Hi back is not necessary.

I know them on here, I’ve never met them irl.

Oooouff tough one. Would you say you know them better then most people on here? Im leaning towards no. But depends on perceived closeness and how you would talk about them to other people you know.

Not really no. I will change my vote.

Came in here expecting something about Manchester if that’s of any use to your survey :grinning:

I was never a fan but there is something heart warming about 30 year old emos seeing their pals and shouting along to songs they probably should have outgrown but haven’t out grown but they have one last scrap of fun in their hearts


Two people I work with were talking about it a few months ago. I assume they did indeed go.