A quiet Tuesday evening (thread)

Hello. I’ve got linda mac sausages and mash for tea as per this recipe

Anyone seen the lovely @slicky recently?

What’s on your agenda…


Future thread?

Hendon was postponed, so gone to Edgware v Colney Heath which is on non real grass.


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Wednesday? Useless. Post/tagline

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You wait for an evening thread and then three come along at once :rofl: @keith @ynot


Hi. Had hotdogs for tea, watching Lord Of The Rings at A’s request. Absolutely fucking knackered and feeling incredibly glum.

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got some linda mac sausages today myself, two packets for £3 at co-op! Not bad!

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Take care, man :heart:


I’m gonna drink a whisky and watch Oxford vs Ipswich with a cat sitting on me.

Not much of a storm here, just a bit mizzly. Have just eaten two (2) burritos. Not doing much tonight, might play a bit of zelda and perhaps start packing to go to iceland.

Ah I’ll be ok. Just a long month money-wise, and a few annoying things to sort out over the next couple of days. Thank you :heart:

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Nightmare drive home - sometimes have a small light car isn’t such a good idea. I was buffeted about like you wouldn’t believe.

It’s recycling day tomorrow, but if I put the bins out tonight, chances are it’ll all get blown up the street, so :man_shrugging:



Did my exam. Walked there and back (2 miles each way!) which was genuinely fun
It was weird being back in a big hall listening to old people say really basic instructions again, and it was in with undergrads so it was proper regressive stuff.
Some stuff came up I hadn’t revised but lol it asked about Lenin instead so, that wasn’t too bad


I found our food waste bin half way down the road. It’s absolutely bucketing it down here.

I’m planing to head to gym, but I’m quite comfortable on the sofa with the cat curled up on my lap.

It’s even wetter and stormier than last night here, I got soaked again but got home 45 minutes quicker than yesterday.

What are you plans for tonight?

I’ve had a coffee and a couple of biscuits and then I’m out again to head to gym.

But the cat has other ideas.

But I should be good and head out.


@moderators please merge the evening threads.

I did wait for an evening thread, then three at once.

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I ate roasted miso aubergine out of the roasting tin book.

I have to put The Child to bed and then read at least half of a book about sea anenome.


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Merge me like one of your French girls.