A quiet Tuesday evening (thread)

Really want your meal :yum: (by which I mean the same sort of foodstuffs, not your own portions).

Had absolute misery pasta as R didn’t want any sauce with his and it didn’t seem worth making anything for just me.

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Evening, threads

Rubbish day here. Had a massive argument with my brother and he hasn’t spoken to me since. So fucking unbearable being here, if I didn’t have to worry about R I would have totally bolted by now.

Going to drink beers in hope of feeling less hopeless for a short while.

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I’ve got 53 weeks until things start to get better.

Been gym. Cous cous, goats cheese, cherry toms and balsamic. 7am flight tomorrow :cry:.

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where bounce u goin

you almost made it

I’m trying to cut down sugar in my diet. On Sunday I had a doughnut and nothing sweet since then and I’m getting withdrawals

This is incorrect

Sorry about the misery pasta

Think he would have bitten my arm off if I had made him wait any longer for food and I wanted to sit down at the same time as him. Had to make do with a drizzle of olive oil. Not even decent OO either :-1:

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Tomorrow’s How Tasty thread should be

  • Sweet
  • Savoury

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I ate some knockoff millions and now I feel really really sick.

Gooseberry and seaweed beer. I’m going in …


@profk updated my avatar for you x

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London :slightly_frowning_face:

Those Cornish will drink fucking anything.

I went in their shop at Christmas and my mum said to the man who runs it “you’re not Cornish”. Was weird.


Sending you love fl x

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Can imagine that happening here too tbh.

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I think there’s some quiet militant Cornish types who don’t want anything to do with the rest of the country, who are the ones who spray over the brown tourist signs, and that whole exclusionary mentality rubs off on everyone else.

I know what that’s like.

This is the important bit though. Top quality mumming.

Hope that you get a better dinner tomorrow.

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