A Quiz of Sorts Returns!

Not really. This is just the thread to post in to hide from the heavy shelling taking place in the “hi Sean” thread and also the place to discuss big colourful jumpers.


my favourite jumper at the moment isn’t colourful but it was £4 from a box of jumpers and it’s blue and it’s cosy

Get out


Fuck you


Unlucky but its a binding agreement, best get 15 rounds prepared


Dont have any big colourful jumpers but do have 2 new big cozy jumpers that i got in the sale that I’m looking forward to wearing when it’s cold enough.

I love big colourful jumpers and also don’t have enough of them.

Thanks for that brief moment of joy, and down with you for the crushing disappointment!

I decided last year that the jumpers I like most are old-school '80s/'90s style sweatshirts, the kind of thing you’d see in a Tom Hanks movie, and I need to get more of them (preferably grey, preferably with some sort of aquatic mascot on)

The one item of clothing I actually have a bunch of that I like is jumpers, because everyone who is likely to buy me gifts knows I love jumpers and therefore I get gifted them a lot

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here’s a little quiz for everyone:

You real piece of shit

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Was so excited.

Why would you do this to us?!



I was saying boo! QUIZZERS!

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One of my fantasies is to organise an AQOS (set the questions etc) and then on results day I just post them all in one go instead of staggering. Would be hilarious. “Congratulations [winner’s username]!” at the top of the post and then all the answers underneath.


never did that quiz it seemed like it would be really complicated

You know what

I’ve got some time off coming up

If someone can help with the sums, I’m happy to organise/chase for responses and host etc?


If everything else was otherwise the same as normal I would be quite happy with this.

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Remind me after the weekend I’ll wing over all the stuff that helps


I think I’ve recovered from previous AQOS traumas enough to get back on the AQOS wagon