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See, this is a type of writing I don’t care for at all. It feels like someone who is very self conscious of trying to be a good writer. It doesn’t feel natural at all - a bit forced tbh.

(I’m not a big reader at all - hadn’t read fiction in 5 1/2 years until last month - and I find the actual process of reading to be painful. Scars from an English degree, trudging my way through books I didn’t care for and constantly calculating percentages of pages read to force myself through them, and being surrounded by people who thought ‘reading’ was this hyper arcane hobby that made them quirky and special. But still. I find it much easier to read simply written novels that focus on plot than writers with lofty ambitions and not much plot.)

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Just watched the Half-blood Prince film. Maybe the best after Azkaban but it’s a shame they muted the finalé so much. The battle in the book would have been a good moment on screen.

Lindsay Ellis weighs in on Rowling

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good video and added bonus of finding out Ellis has a book coming out

Reading the second worldquake book by Scarlett Thomas, is this a dig at Harry Potter do you reckon. I’m not familiar enough to be sure


TBF that could probably account for a bunch of half-hearted magic-based kids’ literature. It feels just as Enid Blyton as JKR.

We finished book 7 finally at the weekend. Loads of it I couldn’t remember but mostly it was good. Her plotting is so ludicrously over the top of course - so much carefully balanced on other stuff. The only bit that really stands out is the killing of Snape where it makes zero sense to use your snake to kill him when the whole point is that you kill him to win the wand or whatever.

My daughter didn’t really care about the death of characters mind.

Watched Part 1 film and it’s nice to see how much more they could do with twice the screen time.

Have watched (most) of the movies for the first time. I’ve enjoyed them way more than I wanted to, though at points it is clear the world is underutilised. As Theo said above, the last two are good because of the extended run time.

The fifth movie was shit though. Fuck that

We started listening to the first one on audiobook today. It was very enjoyable

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