A ridiculous favour - printing

Sorry for putting this in social but i thought i best try!

My father really wants to make a rocking horse for my nephew. But the way he wants to do it means cutting round a template and I’ve nowhere to print it big enough !
Would anyone have access to somewhere to print this and send it to me, obviously happy to pay any costs!

Apologies for putting this ridiculous request here again!

Assuming you’re serious it might help if you let us know what size you need it printing off at.

I would imagine most print shops can do it for you though.

Oh yes, this is not some new niche comedy persona!
I haven’t got the plans yet but its toddler sized. I honestly didnt think there were any print shops left!

Where are you based? There are prints shops everywhere, have a google.

I’ll have a look. Genuinely thought they were a thing of the past!

Theyre atill used loads by uni students

And companies for presentations and shit. We made some flowchart and then printed it out at a print shop absolutely massive. Was weirdly exciting.

There’s one on Victoria Road. A car drove into it a bit but it’s better now.


“You need a print shop? Well here’s a broken one.”

Nice one Eps

Dunno why but the OP has absolutely done me

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Also hyped to see how this pans out. Calling a 1,000+ post thread here m9s

They fixed it!