A roller skating jam named the friday night thread

took me 11 seconds to come up with that thread title and yes, I agree…it’s abysmal. fuck it

gonna eat some cake in a bit, have a jazz bath, pick my friend up, watch some live jazz, drink 1.5 pints of overpriced ale, pick up some supplies, come back to mine, make a heavy spliff, fix a rum or 5, watch a movie with my pal, say stupid things then go to bed. all in that order

very much looking forward to doing fack all tomorrow. laying as low as possible. might not ven leave the house

please add wordzzzzzzzzzz

Went to a matinee show, really drunk now. It’s my mate’s birthday tomorrow and he’s asked me to source some mdma, which is fine, but it’s just so much fucking ADMIN. Bah.
Not going out until about half 10 now, have some ciders to tide me over, so.

Strong night ahead for the big lad…

Listening to: Arab Strap
Watching: Eastleigh v Swindon
Eating: Baklava
Drinking: Strong coffee

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Made dinner for a few out-of-towners as well who accused me of having “old man’s shoes”. They’re slippers ffs.

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fucking pricks. I cull people for way less than this*

*I don’t. I’m a fucking doormat for weird, unacceptable behaviour

sounds like a cool night. you ok with the evening caffeine then? many aren’t…

Yeah, doesn’t seem to have much of an effect. Don’t like drinking it during the day really as it wires me out a bit. Can polish off 3-5 coffees after work and still sleep like a babby.

sweet as a nut. aye, looking to cut the coffee right out of my life man. highly acidic innit. fucks yer guts up. no good at all

Watching Peep Show at home on my own
Gonna make a vegan risotto in a min

I have no other plans for this evening

Evening all

off to The Big Match right now, nearly forgot to leave in time and was pretty lucky my train was a few mins late. Did the same last Friday, would think I’d learn but nah.

Plan: football > home > bit of gaming > bed

was thinking it would be cool f they invented a body suit that you can fill up with warm water. press a button and it tops up the water to desired level and heat… little hole or pipe for the waste water.

would be cosy as fuck and great for these cold evenings

Human soup mate, not for me.

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Making a curry, off the beer for a few weeks. Might revise/ go gym/ watch real/ shit FA Cup football. Can’t decide.


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  • Old Mans Shoes
  • Nice Slippers

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the water would be housed in a separate chamber. you will remain dry as fuck, dude

what time is your haircut?

some time in december