A rolling thread for Ambient/Modern Composition/Drone in 2016 (2)


The second part of the Rolling Thread (best one of all time, obviously).

Original thread exists here:

Taste of this community?

Absolutely adore this track by Anna Rose Carter

Gonna test if the embed works from bandcamp (don’t think iFrames are allowed)

Or SoundCloud?


Lovely stuff! Great that we can embed stuff into posts now, too. Taking this opportunity to post Adam Wiltzie’s latest slice of beauty…


Was just thinking about the old-forum thread for this.

Anyways Tomonari Nozaki released three EPs this year, all of them are solid stuff. This track in particular is very nice:


Embedding is neat, totally going to spam with my podcast.


that’s weird, not sure why the onebox is massive?


just posting to say i’m glad this thread has made it over :slight_smile:

Not from 2016 but i’ve been listening to ‘Can you Prove I was Born’ by Shuttle358. Not as good as Frame (hardly surprising) but it is great. Perfect for the headphones at work whilst reading.


Yeeessssss embedding is GREAT


PS bringing this over from the other board…

Shovels Beat The Sun - Sky Wires - BIG DRONES on Siavash Amini’s label Bitrot

stream here - http://antigravitybunny.com/?p=10698

Very nice indeed


Hey, just in time for my (very) belated new ambient column.


How do you embed stuff?


Also bringing over Marielle V Jakobsons’ Star Core, since it’s only just released and is frankly wonderful…


New Loscil out on 11/11


New Saaad - Verdaillon


I’ve been very pleasantly suprised by the new eluvium, after never really gelling with the last album, good floating, wash away the day headphone relaxer, some moments of IWC in there.


i think the new one is decent aye but it’s retreading a lot of ground he’s already done well before. last track is a fucking banger though


Oooo, loved her last one! Hadn’t realised she had a new one coming out!


Caught a review on p4k and instantly loved the new one - it’s a keeper. Looks like I’ll have to check out her back catalogue.


true it doesn’t fall to far from the tree, but I’ve definitely felt more of a connection with it than his others, can’t put a strong finger on why, perhaps it’s more meditative and undulating, has the right amount of good and evil for my tastes, more flowing and cohesive as a whole.


I guess copy/paste embed code from whichever site? Looks like a Wordpress template from the text editor.

Let’s see…