A Saturday Thread

Hi friends! :wave:

How’s everyone doing today? I’ve escaped the hangover, already had a shower and I’m now tucking into a bacon/hash brown wrap :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Had a really fun evening recording a climate change ep for the UKMT podcast and still living off that buzz. Need to do the shopping later but it’s well grim outside so hoping I can avoid it.

Gonna get on that WoW Classic vibe in a mo, as per uszh


Barleysugar has been meekly knocking on the flat door for the last hour.

No keys? No idea. Where are they? No idea

Why have you only got one shoe on? No idea.
you have one Fucking shoe one…
It’s like being at work 24/7


Morning all. Been up since before some of you went to bed. Off to York with the eldest for the football :slight_smile:

But also we’re going to the Yorvik museum and the national railway museum, going to make a day of it. Beautiful morning so far!



Heading down to Brighton to stay in a motorhome for the night. Torrential rain and heavy winds forecast. Might just have to get drunk.

(I have got a gig to look forward to though).


Morning all!

Post-birthday calm is happening so I can enjoy a coffee and some toast. Grandma goes home this afternoon so we should be able to relax a bit. Wor Lass agreed to babysit someone else’s toddler for a few hours tonight so I’ve got to remember to get some tonic so I can enjoy some G&T. We’re also making a jambalaya tonight.


Morning all!

Been up since 6.30 because the boy was demanding breakfast. He’s been really tired all week and I was hoping for a lie in. We’re off to the library this morning - he’s dead excited. Then he’s got other stuff booked in this afternoon so I’ll do a few errands and maybe treat myself to an afternoon pint.

3 day weekend wooooo.

Totally stayed up too late and got up too early for the rugby. Driving to Taunton for a housewarming party later this morning. Just batch cooking a few meals for the kiddo and listening to Why?

Coffee, egg bagel, seinfeld (s08e15 “the susie”) and then waiting for my new record player to be delivered. Estimate is 8am-5pm and I’ve got to leave the house by 2pm. Not gonna turn up in time is it?

Playing a gig in banbury 2night.


Woken up early, good chance of a McDonald’s breakfast

I wish you were my dad


Proper gloomy out and I have no coffee beans, ffs.

Baby swimming shortly. She’s not pooed in 4 days and is constantly farting. Pray for me.


Watching the eggball for some reason, then going to go for a short shakeout run, then watch the Liverpool match, then go into town and do some payday treat shopping, might pick up some books and vidya.

They’re great kids :slight_smile: they’re at that great age where they’re enthusiastic about almost everything, and resilient enough to be able to do it.

The eldest is in her absolute element, sat on a train looking out of the window with an audiobook.

And thanks @joke :slight_smile: we try our best


On a tiiiight deadline this morning, dinked my finger on my P key on my keyboard last night so it hurts which isn’t helping with the old words per minute. Going to get it done, then get out in the wet - maybe go down to the bay and, if it’s stopped raining, go skating or scooting or something wholesome like that with the family.

Sounds ainful lol


Happy Saturday team,

Bout to head down the front for some coffee etc.
Last night was fun, got some tasty tapas and fuck tonne of wine.
Might hire a wee boat today and fuck about in that. :speedboat::sun_with_face::+1:


Both cats slept in the room with us last night. I think they’re getting used to each other now!

Watching the rugby, will probably drink one of four million cups of tea in a minute. Still buzzing after seeing the Altered Hours last night.

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Come on, ian!


Hi folks. I’m in Helsinki! Slept for almost 10 hours last night which I haven’t done in years.

Gonna just wander about and get our bearings today and see what it’s all about here.

Got a fancy meal booked for this evening, which I’m very much looking forward to. :mushroom::garlic::hot_pepper::cheese::pie: