A scintillating thread about land use in your local authority area

City slicker or country bumpkin? Please share with the group

3% built on

93% farmland.

The food we grow for you city fuckers!!! Ever a word of thanks??


Built on: 5%
Green urban: 3%
Farmland: 60%
Natural: 32%

86% built on. Would like to get that up in the late nineties if possible.


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Not bad, but @anon50098204’s just shit on you.

Imagine the rainfall run off!

Built on 73%
Green urban 27%
Farmland 0%
Natural 0%

Built on 10% Green urban 6% Farmland 49% Natural 35%

Haha! Fuck off mate!

Infamously rural east london

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Built on 86%
Green urban 14%
nothing else

Waltham Forest:
Built on 61%
Green urban 24%
Farmland 1%
Natural 14%

Look at London and its Londoners. Taking all our eggs and wheat and that, but what do we get in return? Eastenders? Cereal cafes? Bum deal.

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Waltham forest reprezent

Sounds like a shit forest.

At least 8% is McDonalds