A semi serious thread about 'possible' double standards

there was that driving test fail thread yesterday and about half way down, someone (I’m not calling you out, I thought it was ace) made a comment about sucking off the driving instructor to pass the test. currently sitting on 8 likes, btw. solid score

sure, this is pretty puerile, but harmless smut really innit.

this got me thinking. what if someone had said they had a female instructor, had what they considered to be a poor test and someone chipped in with:

[details=Summary]you licked her pussy didn’t you[/details] <-sorryto be so descriptive

man! I’d imagine this place would go into meltdown for a few minutes, all the usual guys would be leaping on your back and you’d no doubt get a temporary banning. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

seems to me (again, I could be way off) that it’s OK for a woman to make a smutty, childish comment, but when a man does - well, you’re an absolute dinosaur and not fit to walk the earth in 2016.

these are all hypotheticals and pure speculation on my part, but maybe…maybe, there is a solid debate to be had here

what say you?

Took me a really long time to work out what that tag said.


Making a joke about a man using sexual favours to obtain some benefit is in no way equivalent to making a joke about a woman doing so. Yes, it’s a double standard. Because the experiences of men and women are wholly inequivalent for this stuff.

As for the making of the joke… I made the same joke and wasn’t chastised for it at all. It’s fine.

Not sure you appreciate the power structures that exist which make this a false equivalence.

^this. Plus Meow’s joke was just a tap-in from Epimer’s set-up. So regardless of the general argument about double standards (which I think has been well-trod on this board over the years), in this specific case it was a male-female tag team.

“what’s a grequired? … oh”

I’m not sure I do either, bud.

Good mate of mine is getting driving lessons at the moment. Let’s call him RJ. He lives with his girlfriend, and they’ve been letting out a spare room to one of her mates (a woman no less), who’s currently between homes.

RJ’s driving instructor seems to be pretty terrible. As in, while RJ is driving, the instructor will roll down the window and shout at young girls passing by, make very lewd misogynist sex jokes, and some real horrible islamophobic stuff. Why not just get a different driving instructor? RJ made the fatal error of pre-paying for most of the initial lessons up front.

So RJ tells him about having a new female lodger and the driving instructor says “that’s handy, her being a lass because if she’s behind on rent she can just suck you off to pay it back.”

RJ takes this opportunity to reply with "yeah that’s a good point. I’m actually behind on paying you for some driving lessons so I’ll start sucking you off okay?

They’ve barely spoken since apparently. Don’t know how this is relevant to your post other than to say 100% of the time, guys making gross sexualised comments about girls they don’t even know, always seem like really vile people.

How can he be behind on paying if he paid upfront and that’s why he can’t sack off this weirdo instructor dude? Think RJ’s spinning you some bull here.

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Also: lol “semi”

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I don’t remember the specifics very well, but I think he didn’t actually owe him money he just wanted to make the instructor feel uncomfortable. Get your accusatory hands away from my RJ!

Please give my apologies to RJ.

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In the spirit of the thread why not just suck him off by way of apology?

More actual sucking off

Less talking about sucking off, plz


Get lost you misogynistic fuck!

This is my okcupid experience all over again.

When I was learning to drive my instructor would tell me about one of his other customers who had got himself a ‘mail order Thai bride’. The instructor would then get me to drive past the guy’s house so that we could see her in the garden.

Yet if a woman had got herself a mail order Thai husband, the PC brigade would probably just call her liberated!

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