A separate thread to discuss The Matrix (1999) along with the other films in the series

Was this the first major film franchise that relied on external media to fill in narrative gaps? Fair play if so.

Obviously this process got slicker. Following the viral marketing around Cloverfield would have been great fun but it didn’t leave any question marks in the film for those who didn’t.

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Donnie Darko IMO

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Yeah all those code concepts are fun, the CHAP stuff is great.

Feeling oddly optimistic about a new one.

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Actually, not a franchise, not a “major” film really. Ignore me

Oh yeah

I fell asleep in the cinema during both of the sequels and I will never watch them again

Blair Witch Project had a very good mockumentary thing which really enhanced the experience if watched before the film

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almost definitely this. like the hokey x-men bullshit

Yeah I had a feeling there was something around Blair witch. I still enjoy that film fwiw

actually i’d be super into the matrix 4 kicking off with a voiceover

“in Revolutions, the core premise of Neo removing agent Smith a on good faith agreement with murderous robotic slavemasters was, surprisingly, flawed, the robots immediately reneging on said deal and re-enslaving all of humanity”.

“Now, join us for Matrix ReReloaded”


The fact that they don’t do that at all in The Matrix (1999) is SUCH a relief

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What’s the new one gonna be called?
Re-something I bet

The Matrix Restaurant



Ok watched revolutions last night. Expected to hate the dock scene cause I remember it being horrid to watch in the cinema but I inexplicably LOVED IT. Could be cause I watched avatar the other day and loads of the action felt really stilted but yeah gimme the mechs and shouting, did a better job than James Cameron at his own game.

Was a bad idea to cram even more themes into this film (if they wanted to explore the potential of machines and code to ‘feel’ then they should have done so at the start) and despite being shot back to back with reloaded seemed to be really out of sync with that film. The story needed to conclude I guess but overall a fucking weird film that absolutely does not work as a stand-alone movie in the way it really ought to.

Last Neo Smith fight was good, Bane was shite, Smith felt oddly empty as a baddie, the Deus ex Machina was pretty turd and Trinity’s death was horribly underplayed, should have been devastating but it was like it didn’t matter. Liked the scene above the clouds though. There’s a massive moral black hole pointed out by @xylo above too, are they just going to keep banging us in the nutri-ninja if we’re happy bluepills as long as the lads can keep having sex raves?

Both a satisfying and unsatisfying end to an ambitious but underwritten set of sequels.


Nailed it

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Reckon one 2 1/2hr beast of a sequel that cut the number of plot arcs in half, edited the fights properly and was well developed could have been amazing tbf.

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genuinely think the plot hole is far wider - literally nothing to stop the machines going ‘lolol jk’ after neo deals with smith and just wiping out the rebels, then cracking on.


It’s overlooked how absolutely bonkers it is that Reloaded just ends on a really inexplicable cliffhanger and “To Be Continued” as well. But yeah, think that’s a fair shout, let’s round it up to three hours though aye


I find Bane being shoehorned in to most cinema viewers experience far more irritating than the architect scene. I appreciate the fanz will know who he is but ending reloaded there was plain madness.

Would also appreciate a bit more abstraction in the dream sequel. Need some 2001 vibes around the machine city.

Really loved this


Cause I’m a softy.