A separate thread to discuss The Matrix (1999) along with the other films in the series

‘‘Want to go see Matrix?’’ has terrible cadence compared to THE Matrix

Dunno, I just remember the poster appearing in the Odeon and then we went in as soon as we could after it opened.

Obviously I knew about the Vader lava thing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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you miss one issue of 2000 AD and the entire film world just passes you by

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Love the idea of White Dwarf having a film column. Games Workshop approved reviews of French Arthouse movies and the like


It did once have a really good sci-fi book review column.

Would be pretty cool if you could get a set of La Haine figures though.

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Sounds like a pop singer from the early 80s. MATRIX. Sci fi aesthetic with loads of silver. There has to have been one.

Been doing an online pub quiz pretty much every Friday night since Covid started.

One of the questions the other week was “what year was The Matrix released?”

Thank you to this thread for those two sweet points.


I must say there are some extremely bold sunglasses choices made by the characters in reloaded

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Honey, I rebooted the Matrix!

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