A shit quiz about the size of big things

Which is bigger?

I’ll reveal all answers in a few mins, no point dragging this out longer than necessary.

  • Width of the moon
  • The Nile

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  • Burj Khalifa
  • Angel Falls

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  • Everest (height)
  • Mariana Trench (depth)

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  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Altitude of International Space Station

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  • All the above put together
  • The Great Wall of China

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Diameter, half circumference or other, for the moon

  • The big show
  • Big daddy
  • ‘Big sexy’ Kevin Nash

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Weight or height? Billed or actual?


Actual weight (or at least the best figures I can find for actual weight)

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I’m glad this thread labels itself as shit in the title. AQOS could do with taking a leaf out of that book.

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Just going for a piss then I’ll shut this shit down.

box office takings

  • big
  • big trouble in little china
  • the big short
  • the big lebowski

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The Nile (6,660km) is longer than the moon is wide (3,474km)

Angel Falls (0.99km) is bigger than Burj Khalifa (0.8km)

The Mariana Trench (10.9km) is deeper than Everest is high (8.8km)

Great Barrier Reef (2,027km) is longer than the ISS is high (408km)

Add all those together and you have 12,590km which is nothing compared to the 21,196km of the Great Wall of China.

Thanks. I believe @senordingdong is arranging a prize for the winner at @HotBeefTrauma 's expense.

Muting thread now. Bye.


Inflation adjusted?



Congrats @profk
Commiserations everyone else. Its the big show (currently 174kg, was at one point 193kg. Big daddy’s highest billed weight was 170kg. Diesel was a svelte 149kg)

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Got the numbers the wrong way round, Angel Falls is bigger though.

  • Big Sam
  • Big Show

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Dunno why I asked - I’m not changing my answer.

The big show is the 3rd heaviest wwe/wwf champion. First person to get the top 2 gets a snickers