A shit thread about those portable phone charger things

Right, got a trip planned which will definitely run my phone battery down before I have the chance to charge it via the mains so thinking about getting one of these things.

Got one? Any advice/recommendations? Any fun anecdotes about your experiences with them? Anything at all?

I’d like to know the answer to this plz.

Nobody answer Niki until you’ve answered me first please. It’s my thread after all.

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Anker ones are decent and cheap from Amazon.

Got one for approx a tenner that holds double the capacity of my phone battery again. They do tons of different sizes so just choose one with a decent mAh rating depending on how often (or not) you’ll have access to a plug.

Probably just not buy a shitheap phone, isn’t it.

Got one of these bad boys. Really pleased with it on the whole. Only beef is that my iPod won’t recognise it for whatever reason, but great for phone and go pro.

I’ve got enough Vodafone rewards points to pick one up, was kinda tempted. This isn’t very helpful, sorry.

Yeah, Anker are the ones.

My girlfriend has the lipstick sized one, which is good for a single emergency charge - this one:


I have this one, which will do a whole three day festival for two phones:


I believe Anker is the answer for this sort of thing.

A colleague got one free from EE when he got a new phone recently. Jammie.

Thanks guys, feel free to answer Niki now.

Excuse me friends, why is one of these so much more expensive than the other?

My phone is a USB-C one, does that make any difference?

No, you should just use your normal USB to USB-C cable to connect it. The expensive one comes with a USB-C port at one end and USB-C to USB-C. I assume this means you can use that to recharge it via the USB-C on your ultra-expensive but not very powerful USB-C new MacBook.

Just get the cheaper one and buy a spare Anker USB-C to USB cable if you need one.

Thanks Theo, you are an extremely good and useful man to have around the place.

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Just read a book or something

Oh I’ll be reading a book alright! Don’t you worry about that boy!

about what boy?

Hoping to find an equivalent to Fear and Loathing in La Liga but for the Milan derby instead, failing that it will be Calcio by John Foot

Didn’t they get recalled recently because they explode?

The woman has got a Right Move (or something estate agent related, anyway) one.

Theo, if this is all some long-term plan to bump me off I’m going to be really upset.

The type I assume @urbanfox is talking about is the one that’s a battery-like cylinder?

Anyway, I have no idea about any scare stories. Regrettably there is always a small chance batteries may have this issue. I think the new Samsung 7s have suffered from it.