A SONG FOR JUKE (official thread)

As you all must know by now the fabulous @AQOS won the prize of having me write a song for/about him in @anon89873996’s incredible Raffle

So, having perused the juvenilia thread and lightly grilled Jukey Jook via PM I think I have collected a decent amount of material to make a fist of this exercise but DiS, I need YOUR help too

In time honoured tradition please vote in this anonymous poll. Up to three choices.

How would YOU describe @AQOS?

  • gay and warlike
  • obscure and sad
  • joyous and very warlike
  • serious and pious
  • cruel and hard
  • quarrelsome and boisterous
  • effeminate, amorous, plaintive
  • furious and quick-tempered
  • obscure and plaintive
  • serious and magnificent
  • playful and magnificent
  • joyful and pastoral
  • tender and plaintive
  • harsh and plaintive
  • solitary and melancholic
  • magnificent and joyful
  • obscure and terrible

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please vote and encourage as many others as possible to do so in order to help me capture the true community spirit of Juke

for additional help please tell me you favourite Juke a) song title and b) lyric from the juvenilia thread



addendum; I had to edit the poll as I made a little mistake so if you voted & your votes disappeared then please vote again

also, if you know what this list is/is for …then please don’t reveal the thinking behind it until the song is delivered. ETA New Year’s eve

This poll could go badly :grimacing:

*very warlike

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Looking forward to the finished song :grinning:

me too :slight_smile:

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Gay, hard and magnificent


Now that I see it’s an anon poll I may remove my lighthearted ‘obscure and terrible’ vote

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going well on the votes but no one has answered the bonus question :frowning:

Wish he was gay and hard tbh

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Too much choice :woozy_face:

A song for all of juke


This is @AQOS

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needs another poll dunnit

Quite a strong turn-out for obscure and terrible



Due to five days of cold/flu I am sad to report that A Song for Juke will not be delivered before the end of 2018

sorry :frowning: @AQOS


Anticipation is a huge part of joy - a song for Juke will be a song for 2019, for everyone!



any @moderators or leader level folks (or whatever it’s called) want to change the thread title to “A SONG FOR JOOK” please

turns out @AQOS is no Jook