A story

About a week ago I got the bus with my wife and an old lady got on. When trying to find her pass she started getting very angry and shouting and swearing “for fucks sake, oh fucking hell. I’ll kill that fucking dog, it’s the dog, he’s fucking done this, that fucking dog, I’ll kill it!”.
It was clear she was maybe…not quite right, and/or a really angry person. Then when my wife was getting off with the pram the old lady went “Come on…MORON”. Which is now a catchphrase in the house…anyway…

Saw the old lady on the bus again and she was being her usual self and was talking to someone who had a dog and was being quite sweet chatting with them etc and then said “oh, my dog died on Sunday” (like, 2 days after the first bus ride)
Dog killer?
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there is no dog! we are all the dog

sounds like there was no dog

Maybe she was talking about an All Time Dog?

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Dead dog

Jumping frog


Where was the bus going?

The shops and that



It’s a well-known bus destination, friend.

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Oh! I understand now.

Is the answer



Yes. Dead sphinx

It’s a dog eat dog world. She had two dogs. One ate the other one. And her bus pass.


She also found the bus pass within about 20 seconds. Maybe the dog had moved it into one of the other compartments of her purse to fuck with her? Clever boy. RIP

Noticed a lot of uppity old people recently

Might be time to make the eskimo tradition tradition known to em to make them think about their actions more.

few days ago an old lady kissed my hand! I think because I had a baby?! Came up to me in Costa and kissed it! She was sweet (and quite possibly demented). The sweet ones can stay!

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I think they’re tired for being blamed for ruining the country despite being so obviously to blame

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Not as tired as I will be working to 135 years old because they ruined the bloody country!!1

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