A Sunday thread, if you can get in to see it

It’s Sunday! I’m surprisingly un-hungover today, after somehow forgetting to drink at Lewes Psych Fest (probably down to using both hands to switch camera lenses so not having a free hand to hold a pint)

How are your sundays so far?

Morning all :wave:

Not sure if this creaking website will allow me a :sun_with_face: DAYLIGHT UPDATE! :sun_with_face: but here we go!

:sunny: :crescent_moon: Daylight :heavy_plus_sign:
King’s Lynn 07:34 16:50 09:16:06 +3:38
Brighton 07:30 16:58 09:27:43 +3:22
Glasgow 08:03 16:58 08:54:39 +4:10
Manchester 07:47 16:59 09:11:27 +3:45
The Beer Factory, Devon 07:43 17:14 09:30:49 +3:18
Newcastle 07:50 16:51 09:01:07 +4:00
Cardiff 07:45 17:09 09:23:59 +3:27
Belfast 08:06 17:09 09:03:52 +3:56

Great to see :new: :european_castle: NEWCASTLE :black_circle: :white_circle: and :bell: :running_man: BELFAST :bell: :running_man: smashing the 9 hour barrier (with Newcastle smashing the 4 minute mark too). Proud of you both! :blush:

We’re off to the coast for a late breakfast and short walk - both cheeksters are exhausted after the weekend’s exertions (cheekster 1 did amazingly in her play) so it’s well deserved.



Had a spectator while I was making the drinks this morning

Watching Match of the Day with the dog at the mo. Need to walk him and then go and get something for dinner when the shops open. Lazy day ahead, otherwise.


Only one left on the 9 hour barrier, but what about that sweet sweet 7.30 sunrise, eh?

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Pretty boring so far. Wife’s at the gym, so I’m playing with the kids. Might try and do something nice today as the weather is lovely today.

Joined the gym and I’m off to a boxing workout :boxing_glove::muscle:

London: the sun has risen


Wife has announced we’re going to IKEA. Kill me now

Good luck! Not even the lure of Daim bar cake could compel me to set foot in Ikea on a Sunday.

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Fly home later today :weary:
Could happily stay out longer, have had a lovely time. :slightly_smiling_face::heart:


I really miss Barca

Such an amazing town. Was at the miro museum yesterday, so good, building was amazing


Currently in an argument with 'er indoors because I said “no” when asked if I could help with her bike tyres, less than ten minutes after I said I was going to go dye my hair and would be hidden away in the bathroom doing that for the foreseeable.

Forgot that my role in life is to wait, off screen, in stasis mode, until the main character needs my help with something. Even if I’m stood mostly naked except for blue nitrile gloves with one quarter of my hair saturated in bleach, and the assisted help means stopping what I’m doing and going outside.

Relationships, eh. Pointless.

Yeah I can never understand why my husband doesn’t just drop things to do something I want him to. Like helloooo.

(In all serious we sometimes forget that when we want something to be done is not when it needs to be done or when the other person wants to do it)

I don’t, I’m basically perfect in every way

Had zero breakfast supplies in, had to drag myself out to the shops like some goddamn … twat

Pain au choc heating up now though, all is well

Hopefully seeing @cutthelights later, lovely

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Even though I was there for Prima, the Miro museum was nearly as good of an experience. So much stunning stuff in there, and bought a couple great affordable art prints (that still need to be put up lol)

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Played 2 hours of tennis with the kid who schooled me in the end by 2 sets to 1.
Off to the 2 worst shops in the world. Dunelm and then The Range to get some paint samples. Zzzzz
Really need to fix the fence as has been broken for like 3 months and running out of excuses now the weather is nice. It’s just such a boring job.
This is probably the most dad post ever, thanks.

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Slept elsewhere last night - had a nice walk home in the sunshine - almost bought some kind of hand held brekkie to take to be beach but ended up just getting stuff to cook at home instead

Was nice (bacon and egg, plus ketchup)

Need to resist getting welded to the sofa now. But what shall I do?