A super boring thread about walking boots

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Need some recommendations for places to buy walking boots online. Prepared to spend a fair whack of cash for ones that’ll last me years (alright, Sam Vimes).

A bit anxious about buying footwear online, I’m size eleven but I’ve got weird bone spurs so my feet are a weird shape. Would normally try on in person but that’s clearly not an option right now.

Remember reading something about walking boots needing to buy a size bigger than normal, is that true?

Yeah. Boots.

Nancy Sinatra to thread


We’ve bought from here before. You can also order online from Go Outdoors (they price match I believe).

I think maybe ½ size bigger works for me.

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I got some Berghaus Hillmaster II online a while back in size 11 and I’m very happy with them. Can’t remember where I got them from though. And I’m usually size 11.

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Got my Brasher (RIP) Hillmasters off of a seller on ebay. Probably because the price was right. Couldn’t try them on before hand obvs, but read up a load beforehand. Think like @anon29812515 mine are an 11.5 and that’s my usual size. They’re good sized boots

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Something I learnt the other day is that the soles are kindof molded and fused to the boot these days and have a kindof fixed shelf life before they start to perish and can’t really be fixed. So you could have your boots for 5 years and hardly use them but the soles might still be starting to go as the material breaks up. Do what you want with that info (heard it from a cobbler)

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Can’t help you.

In summer 1993 I went on a Lake District walking holiday with my uncle and we hired me some classic leather walking boots from a place there.

At the end of the week they were a good fit so we took them up on the offer to buy them.

Still got them now. No idea how old they were when I rented them too. They certainly weren’t as new.

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I got mine from Sports Direct and they do the job. I’m a size 6 and bought them in a 6 and they’re fine. I think I’d be reluctant to spend a lot of money on boots I couldn’t have properly fitted to my feet. Perhaps buy a cheapish pair for now and see how they go and then if you want/need a better pair when things are more normal go to a specialist shop and have them properly measured?


Makes for an interesting observation combined with @chris-budget above - guess they really don’t make em like they used to…

Very good thinking

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Where’s the excitement in that? Spunk a load of cash on something that might not be for for purpose. That’s living.

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some berghaus ones (that the DoE scheme recommended… not that I was doing the DoE but it pitched them at the affordable/decent enough quality, but not full on wilderness explorer level)

Theyve lasted years, hiked peru, 3 peaks, yorkshire 3 peaks etc and still going strong. There was one walk where it rained so much they got soaked… but everythign was. my ‘waterproof’ backpack etc so I dont hold that against them.

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have a think though. walking shoes/tech has come on light years. a decent pair of trail running shoes maybe just as good, much lighter, dry quicker, good grip etc. depends if you need ankle support.

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I like the ankle support. Not sure if I actually need it as such but I wear boots for almost everything, even canvas boots in summer. I think I only own one pair of shoes and they’re just for weddings etc.

I think the upsizing would be to account for wearing chunky socks and maybe extra insoles. But boots do tend to be sized a bit generously anyway so it’s only really a consideration if you plan on adding extra padding.

If you identify a specific pair you like, it’s always worth checking ebay to see if someone’s flogging them cheap.

Ankle support is well important surely?

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I’d go cheap and cheerful because good fit is really important, and you don’t want to spend £250 sight-unseen on something that doesn’t fit.

Once shops are open again, it’s worth splashing out. I am still using my Scarpa SLs that I bought in 1998 for the equivalent of £250 back then. They have done thousands of miles and are extremely comfortable and basically indestructible.


You need to upsize slightly as you feet expand during long walks - so would depend on how far you intend to walk. So if its a snug fit when you try it on it will probably be to tight for a longer walk. Most walking socks are fairly thin nowadays.

Some brands tend to be wider than others as well - not sure which without looking it up.

yeah this^

i wouldn’t go spending loads of money on boots you can’t try on. it’s not like someone can tell you ‘ooh brand x fit reallly well’… just depends on your feet isn’t it

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