A super early Friday morning thread

Morning all :wave:

It’s street count night so I’ve been up since 2am :crazy_face::neutral_face::sob::sleeping:

I’m currently sat alone in the offices of our rough sleeper outreach team, calling them every 30 minutes and staying alert in case there are any incidents in town. I was hoping to kill time with some online Scrabble but it turns out that nobody wants to play Scrabble at 4.55am UTC.

Today will consist of:

  • driving back to Norfolk at around 6.15am
  • doing a very sleepy morning of work
  • trying and failing to have an afternoon nap
  • school runs
  • probably make some Pad Thai tonight if I’m still awake?

What does your day hold, DiS?


Oof. Hi ccb. I’m up early to head into the office. Have to do my team’s budget today which I’ve been putting off for 2 weeks now. Grim. I’ve definitely mentally checked out now with 3 weeks til our due date.

At work already. Having a lovely time. About 3hrs sleep. So yeah, lovely

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Welp, my wife has tested positive for Covid. Gutted

Oooft. Hope she isn’t too poorly with it X


MrS forgot to turn heating off so it’s been a night of me coughing and wondering if I have a temperature but probably just mad stuffy.

Geographical tongue has come back as well so that’s fun.

Off to work as it’s less actual work than sorting work at not 100% but able to get out of bed etc. Much better than yesterday and we’re making fruit batteries this afternoon so :star_struck:

Hope you get a nap later CCB
American wife swap helped me drift off yesterday afternoon :rofl:

Sounds like a bad cold tbh.

It is the week for it, after all!


Day off. Coffee first. Try and seal leak in shower. Look after dog, she’s recovering after opp. Do some music. Hoover. Hope DiS provide pastry photos again. Have a nice day.

Heading to Brighton at lunchtime for a night away without the kids.

Just 6 days late for the Brighton meat.


Morning all!

I had a rubbish night of sleep because of sore arms (flu and booster injections). I think everyone was a bit unsettled because The Child was up a few times. The heating had been left on for a bit here too, apparently.

The Child is very excited about Pudsey Day and it’s the first time since summer that she’s agreed to be dressed before she comes downstairs.

My whole day will be spent trying to get as many of my first block of classes finished as I can.

I might treat myself to a baked potato and beef stew for lunch.


Experience has taught me that I’m not very good at having a nap after the early morning counts. I’m better to power through and just get an early night / fall asleep in front of a film. Gonna have some form of treat lunch though.

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Glad it’s Friday. Had 11 meetings yesterday FFS.

Going out for dinner tonight.

TFI friday.


Just having coffee - in a bit I will have more with my last apple, almond and cinnamon muffin

Taking the afternoon off work to go hang out with my favourite person :beer::metal:


Another zoom free Friday at work, so a nice easy one for me. There’s scaffolders due, in advance of us having our leaky bay window fixed. When will they arrive?

  • 8.30-9.00
  • 9.00-10.00
  • 10.00-12.00
  • Some time this afternoon
  • Don’t kid yourself Rob, they aren’t coming today

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Jealous of this. My mum used to make them for us.

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Yum! What is a fat rascal? Also that plate is gorgeous

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Slept almost a whole night for the first time in a fortnight, wonder how new parents deal with sleeplessness I felt so bad on the nights my sleep was disturbed. Enjoying the warm weather while it lasts and the temp drops below 10 next week for real winter :sob:

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