A super fun thread about TAXES


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So I currently have a fulltime job and pay my taxes through PAYE, nice and simple. On top of this, I’ve been offered some freelance work in my spare time - it won’t earn very much at all, but it will be some money. I assume I will have to pay taxes on this, but given that I am allergic to paperwork of any kind, how difficult is this? Do you just download a form and write in how much bunse you got? Honestly, if it’s a hassle I’m tempted to not even bother.


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You’ll need a to file a tax return in which you declare all of your earnings for the year. Providing your setup isn’t complicated then it’s an absolute bag of piss.


I think this is still relevant:


Just estimate roughly what you think you owe each year, then post the cash through the letterbox at your nearest hmrc office.


And if they don’t have a letterbox, convert it into coins and pop it through the keyhole.


Thanks, this looks useful.