A teenth of October: The Friday Thread

Morning everyone! What’s crackin’ today? I’m relatively planless today, working from home. Parked under a tree for a few days and my car is, I’d say, 65% bird shit, so I’ll wash that I reckon. Exciting stuff.

Now you go!

ur 65% bird shit

nothing to report

I’m going to a Black History Month event at the Scottish Government.

I was planning on going to the office first but that ship has sailed, so gonna be a fairly busy afternoon

Oh, I’m wearing a big jumper for the first time this year. That’s pretty exciting.

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Trying to find a comedy oversized jumper (like Kravitz’s scarf) but google isn’t pulling its weight

I disagree

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More a joyous than comedy jumper tbqh

Best part of the town and county fair is the water dog stand where you can go up and touch the Newfoundlands and they’re totally unfussed by the whole thing. Literally the only reason I go.

I’m just gonna stop you there

It’s in a park in town, it’s fine. There’s goats.


Going to meet a pal after work for a few. Might go to C&A to get some socks. It’s all happening.




morning all :wave:

feels weird to have been off yesterday, then go in for work today, then have the weekend off, but it is what it is.

heater is on on the train and I am a big fan, sat right next to it, well toasty :+1:

Got a work call at 9 and I’m meant to have some ideas ready. Obviously I have no ideas.

WFH but also going to do some painting at some point. Waiting in for a delivery which will definitely come during my call.

Morning all. WFH today. One of those days where my cost benefit analysis levels are really high, so inevitably I’ll end up getting a call from one of my seniors asking me to do something complex and urgent.

Got a headache that won’t go away but, otherwise - half day, then going to Manchester. Northern Monk, somewhere for dinner, then seeing Self Esteem. Lovely.


Oh, the eldest was telling me more about the supervillain character she’d invented called W. Henry. Happy to share details.

Good morning Scotch Egg and pals,

TFIF, ammirite?!
Cooking lunch for a good friend I haven’t seen for a while tomorrow then going down to Southampton for more family time on Sunday, seeing my sister and the babies for the last time before they fly back to the US, so I won’t see them again until next October (all being well and we can still afford to go then).

@anon3515918 I messaged Beth to tell her you’d been saying lovely things about her and she said it was a real boost, seemed properly chuffed :blush:
Also she said you were great too!

Oh yeah just remembered a friend is djing tonight and I don’t really want to go out but want to be a good friend and support him… these friends are bad influences though and it won’t be an early night… :sleeping:

Have a good day everyone x