A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread



Pre-EOTR Brighton and Cambridge dates in July


It was good, riling material which I enjoyed more than the music itself. Quite good.


Didn’t appreciate their line up had changed since I last saw them (though that was in 2013 or so…) and I haven’t listened to much of their stuff on record tbh.

The double drummer was a nice surprise but yeah, gotta say I did miss the female backing vocals and yer man Dammit was a great bassist.


Brigid still features on the records a bit which is good.


Ah, cool! Seeing as I have barely listened to them since Floating Coffin I have a lot to catch up on given how bloody prolific they are.


Leeds date added now too - 11 July.


I’d recommend Mutilator Defeated At Last and A Weird Exits as the most essential



Id put Orc up there with them two aswell.


Very tempted by Cambridge, couple of hours drive from home in Southend On Sea, on a Friday, sick day from work etc etc…my Oh Sees fever needs feeding man.


Bristol - Yay…Academy…Boo


Never been but have only heard bad things about it. Does it have any redeeming features that would justify 2 hours of driving each way?


There Oh Sees…erm…

Where you driving from?


Ah, just seen that the Bristol show is in September (not July with the other ones). I’ll be seeing them at end of the rd anyway. Hopefully something accessible to reading will be added to the July dates. Looks to be a lot of spare space in the schedule around the current dates for a decent uk tour


They played Clwb in Cardiff before so hopefully they’ll play Cardiff again. Otherwise it’ll be a trip to the Academy.


Playing Margate Winter Gardens on the Friday night of EOTR! I mean, I’ll see them at the festival, but to miss them playing Thanet is gutting.


What does he have against Scotland?



Didn’t see this. Good lad Jon.