A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread


it was in response to you :smiley:


What do you think I’m made of eyes or something?


well now you’re on DiS, yeah, kinda


Booked Cambridge tickets whilst on a roll listening to the Warm Slime album for the umpteenth time in a row. Once in the Oh Sees zone it’s hard to get out. All those live goodies on Youtube too, like this peach I’m not sure I’ve seen before, more quietly groovy than the current incarnation


Kentish Town Forum in September supported by Beak> and Flat Worms - that’s gig of the year settled early, then


New OCS live album up for pre order.


Oh man, I want that so badly. Can I justify the expense? :thinking:


Box set sold out in 4 mins yesterday, pink vinyl now sold out, just the clear one left now. I got the pink one, mainly for the artwork, package and a 15 min Block Of Ice.


Errrrrrrm, what’s with the heavy metal fantasy style sleeve artwork? Sucks badly. Not so keen on the track either, lacking in that sexy propulsive groove they do so well. This just seems too frenetic and muddled on first couple of listens. That sleeve though…all a bit too Dio and Dungeons & Dragons for my liking. Will they be dressed up like fantasy warriors on the inner sleeve?


There was some suggestion that this was meant to be the Oh Sees’ metal album, but I’m just listening to the promo now if anything it’s more mellow than Orc. Shame, I’d have quite liked to hear them go Full Metal.


You have the promo? Wow, you lucky swine. Hope there are some spaced out jams on there. I like mellow Oh Sees but also love their heavy sound like on Animated Violence. Not sure about metal Oh Sees though.


Awww was hoping for full metal (or at least an album of Animated Violence stuff)

Hope it’s better than Orc which is the first I’ve not completely loved

(I like the sleeve but I have metal in my blood from my youth)


fwiw, I like this a lot.


Orc was slightly patchy for me, much prefer A Weird Exits. Yeah, I was a teenage metalhead, massively so, grew out of it but still have a distant fondness for it…just not on Oh Sees sleeves.


i hope they’ve trimmed things back a bit this time, Orc had some very good stuff on it but it felt too long for them and couldn’t really sustain its length.

so far they’ve peaked with Mutilator and Weird Exits for me, i’d be perfectly happy for them to keep making records identical to those two forever and ever.

i like the new track a lot though, not quite peak Oh Sees but good enough to have me looking forward to it (more than The Static God did, which didn’t really grow on me until i heard the whole record)


Hope “C” is somehow magically an anti-Grimes diss track


Update: just relistened to Smote Reverser again and it totally is a metal album y’know. No idea what I was thinking when I first heard it. Overthrown is mental.



This new track swings and grooves in fine style, love it. (this one is def not Metal)


How did I miss this! It’s great! As much as I liked Overthrown it never really locked into a groove in the way so many of their best tracks, like this one, do.

Yay Oh Sees!!!