A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread


Yep, this is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Looking forward to my next Oh Sees fix.


Love this new track. A new Oh Sees album is exactly what I need right now.


Turns out they’re preeeetty good live.


who knew? :smiley:


Where did you see them? I saw them Friday in Cambridge, awesome as ever, my fifth time seeing them I think. Next stop London in Sept. Such a physical experience live, can’t help but go head on fire crazy to them.


yep - I was at the Cambridge gig. So hot in there!


Had to wear shorts for it, not normally my gig going outfit of choice but yeah, was hotter than hot so a must. Smallest venue I’ve seen them at. Took a few knocks in the moshpit but I can’t go see them and not get involved.


For the first time ever I downloaded a leaked album and listened to Smote Reverser yesterday. It’s pretty darn good but does drag on a bit in places and could use a trim and maybe some more trademark WOO’s from Dwyer. When it’s great it’s absolutely cracking, some very cool moments on there. Still not convinced by Overthrown though, it’s a track I could easily live without on the album as it doesn’t quite fit for me. It’s not a metal album at all, much more proggy with big dollops of CAN, 70’s rock organ, twiddly jazzy guitar squall and cool spacey jams too, a nice mix.


Looking forward to hearing it, though slightly disappointed it’s another longer one as I thought Orc dragged occasionally too whereas Mutilator’s 33 minutes are absolutely perfect.

Quite like Overthrown though


largely agree, quite enjoy having it on to vibe out to though


i’m going to use one of my hot take tokens and say that mutilator is the worst album they released since drop


wasn’t it the follow up to Drop…?



for clarity it’s not as good as exits, entrances, orc or memory of a cut off head.

also it’s quite boring.


you madman. it’s my favourite album by them by a mile. Exits comes close. Entrances does NOT come close.


entrances is pretty weak too, i’ll give you that - like the big guitar freakout final track tho. probably take against mutilator more cause everyone loves it so much - songs are too short. exits is number 1.


don’t mind Entrances as an offcuts EP which is essentially what it is but they’ve glorified it a bit by pretending it’s another studio album.


“Hot takes” central! (Mine is not liking Ty Segall, but we all have our quirks)
I love Mutilator (Sticky Hulks man!).
I also love An Odd Entrances (the opening track is marvellous and the album has grown on me a lot since it came out) and A Weird Exits (as a whole - plus it has The Axis on it which is one of my fav Oh Sees tunes).
Orc is great but tends to drag a bit.
Memory Of A Cut Off Head initially bored me, then I dug it, now I’m not too bothered by it either way.
Smote is def going to be a grower but each listen so far has me a bit worn out come the end. Will grab the vinyl at a gig in Sept I reckon.


oof! i had a slow process getting fully into him tbf, at first i liked him but thought he was awfully T-Rex/glam and nowhere near Oh Sees levels of quality but got way more into him this year, Twins is an absolute Dwyer-worthy monster.

i think it’s a nice enough album but not one i really return to. like the idea of it more than the result. i only tend to go back to the title track and On & On Corridor. don’t really remember anything else on the album tbh.


Memory is one of those nice “Sunday morning” albums. Agree with you, not memorable enough pick out individual songs bar a couple. Much prefer Foggy Notion era for the OCS sound.
Yeah, Ty, I’ve tried with him and do own Manipulator (which I’ve hardly played) and have listened to most of his albums but I don’t really feel it like I do with Dwyers take on garage rock/psych/whatever. I like some of it but overall I’m not taken by him. The owner of my local record shop calls it “all a bit cock rock” for his liking. I kind of know what he means.


always link this to anyone not feeling ty. they’re so good live.