A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread


That performance is great, I’d even say it’s better than the record.


yeah, i love it. stripped the audio off youtube and i must play it as much as any of his records.


Can understand that criticism tbf yeah, just clicked with me eventually. I quite like the latest album but he’s gone a bit too ‘classic rock’ on it for me. Manipulator has a little bit of that too occasionally and is uncharacteristically overlong/overstuffed but some great material sprinkled throughout. the guitars on Twins are proper facemeltingly brilliant though, and if you haven’t heard Melted (you probably have) it’s far more pure garage fuzz without the indulgent soloing. also a big fan of the acoustic album Sleeper.

if you like White Fence their collaborative albums are worth a spin as well


Checked out that KEXP link, switched off after checking the first song and a skip through the rest. Got annoying too quick. He’s not for me Bob.
I know I’m in a very small minority not liking him but massively loving Thee Oh Sees. I much prefer their groove.
I’ve dug into his albums but his voice doesn’t grab me for starters and then there’s the rest of it. One of those things eh.




proper love his voice on this song actually




i know this isn’t the Ty thread but just remembered how great this video is


Reckon the production on Ty’s records don’t do the songs justice a lot of the time. Exceptions are Manipulator and Twins, which are the two I’d always suggest as a starting point. Or Slaughterhouse, which is an absolute monster.


also both Dwyer and Ty seem really lovely from their (separate) appearances on Marc Maron’s podcast


Never really given Mutilator much time. Doesn’t seem to be much being said about Oh Sees albums pre Drop (which I didn’t hugely rate); I absolutely adore Floating Coffin, Warm Slime and Cool Death. What are everyone else’s favourites from their earlier records?


I doubt it counts as early, but Putrifiers II was the one that got me into them…seem to remember thinking floating coffin was a disappointment after that, might have to relisten (remember thinking minotaur was great though, obsessively listened to that track and barely bothered with the rest of the album)


Floating coffin is my favourite oh sees record. They were unreal when touring that one. Lot of love for Warm Slime as well and wish they would play some stuff from it again. Carrion Crawler/The Dream is the one that got me into them so that’s always up there too.

Been a bit meh with them recently despite being nigh on obsessed with them for a long time. Not sure the new one will change that from what I’ve heard.


Bit of a cheat answer but I really like the first singles compilation, released in 2011. Has a real real proto garage surf thing going on. Don’t know what period of time the singles were recorded over but it works really well together as a whole. Think they still play one or two songs off it too.


Yeah that’s probably the one that got me into them too. So, so good.

I then got Masters Bedroom which I was really obsessed with for a while.

Sadly never saw them live in that incarnation though :frowning:


Mutilator was the first one I got and it’s fucking brilliant (esp Poor Queen and Sticky Hulks RIGHT?) but I hoovered up all the rest and I bloody love floating coffin, carrion crawler and putrifiers of the older stuff, and obviously Exits/entrances. Cant quite get on with Help or Masters Bedroom. Thought Orc was disappointing but when they play the songs live… oooft. they’ve certainly played Tidal Wave off the singles collection the last couple of times I’ve seen them. Roll on September!

I want a Smote Reverser t shirt.


Probs my fav song of theirs


Floating Coffin is of course great. was actually the first one i heard as a friend recommended them to me around this time (annoyingly i missed them playing a couple of tiny Irish dates around this time and they haven’t come back here since). enjoyed it, though mainly just listened to I Come From the Mountain on repeat until the album disappeared from Spotify and none of the newer ones appeared

when all the newer stuff appeared on Spotify early last yeah i checked out Mutilator first and it absolutely blew me away and has remained my favourite ever since. can’t believe you haven’t given it much time… (in terms of Drop there are 2 or 3 great songs but the rest is less exciting)

Carrion Crawler is also pretty wonderful, wish i discovered that a bit sooner as that was on Spotify the whole time. the other earlier albums i tend to find each have a couple of great standouts but are less exciting to me as a whole.


Pre-Drop albums are pretty much all great, it’s where I started off with them, hearing Warm Slime playing in Fopp one lunchtime blew me away. Help, Masters Bedroom, Carrion Crawler, Warm Slime, Floating Coffin, the Singles comps (love their cover of the Sonic Youth song Burning Spear). Kept missing them live but saw them at the Scala on the Floating Coffin tour and it was a stunner, absolutely mental, loved the set list around that era. I tend to say Coffin is my fav album but it changes a lot, it’s the first one I really played like a mad man, That Dwyer/Dammit!/Dawson/Shoun era was pretty damn special, glad I got to see them play at least once. It’s the fire and energy from that pre-Drop era that still keeps me buying their records obsessively now, even when I’m not overly keen on some album tracks on Orc and Smote, bit of filler going on now the albums are longer. I love that Dead Medic 12" though.


I remember considering a trip to Ireland for those dates, never came off for me though. Bonkers they’ve not toured their since.