A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread


First saw Dwyer as coachwhips at the Fenton in Leeds (small upstairs in a pub), still one of my favourite ever gigs. If anyone hasn’t heard coachwhips’ bangers vs fuckers you should do so, it’s great (as are the others but that’s the best).

I’d have to put a bit more thought into ranking all the albums, but top three would be:

  1. Carrion caller
  2. Weird exits
  3. A master’s bedroom …

Haven’t seen them live for ages (probably last when they headlined the garden at eotr) looking forward to seeing them at the same this year.


Two of my favourite venues in Ireland, bit gutted I didn’t know about them yet. The Belfast one was part of an arts festival I go to every year without fail as well. My friend assures me it was brilliant.

Someone posted an interview on here where Dwyer said he’s always getting angry messages for not playing Ireland or Scotland so hopefully he’ll come back soon. Did get to see them in Manchester this year at least.


Yeah, I remember an interview where he spoke about not wanting to piss off the Scots or something, haha. Manchester for the Castlemania show? I was at the London one, was wearing my tee from it yesterday. Today is another Thee Oh Sees t shirt day.
Whelans in Dublin was the venue I was looking at going to. Just found the set list for it https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/oh-sees/2013/whelans-dublin-ireland-33d80055.html


yeah Manchester Castlemania. was good to see Flat Worms and Kelley Stoltz too.

yeah Whelans is an absolutely great little venue, been to quite a few great gigs in there. setlist looks wonderful too (even though i’m largely more into the slightly later stuff than the earlier)


I really like Drop, but probably cos that’s the first of theirs I got in to. Quite an enviable position 'cos if it is shit then everything else is going to shine by comparison.


first 2 songs are excellent but tails off a lot then i think. not a bad album but definitely doesn’t have the same energy or excitement as the best ones


Agree about Drop, I do really like the first few songs then it, ahem, drops off. Encrypted Bounce live is a beauty.


The little girl covering her ears at 4:28…


Suppose Putrifiers and Floating Coffin count as a sort of mid period following on from the more expansive direction that Carrion Crawler took? Both are excellent either way, I guess I just return to FC more often because of tracks like Minotaur and I Came From The Mountain. Very much enjoy some of the more orchestral arrangements on Putrifiers but it doesn’t quite have the same amount of standout moments for me.


Yeah that run of albums after Help are unbelievable! Dead jealous that you got to see them on that tour. Only seeing them for the first time nett month and hoping for a track or two off Coffin.


2 songs i really like on Putrifiers (Lupine Dominus and Hang a Picture) but i don’t remember any of the rest. probably due a revisit. it’s one that i checked out while most of their stuff was missing from Spotify and it didn’t grab me the way some of the others have since


they did 2 in March anyway, you should get lucky unless they’ve dropped some stuff to make way for Smote songs


They’re definitely one of those bands where once you get hooked on a song, you could honestly have it on repeat to infinitum. Dunno how anyone could pick a single favourite track!

Sucks that they’ve avoided playing shows over there though man!


Yeah had it on this morning after getting @mrmrongov’s response! It’s much mellower than I remembered but yeah tracks like Hang a Picture are banging! Saw on Wikipedia that Mikal Cronin did the sax work too


Oooo SWEET! Which tracks did they play bud?


I Come From the Mountain and Toe Cutter/Thumb Buster. Mountain was shortened a bit without so many repeated sections, was quite good and punchy and should mean it’s easier for them to keep squeezing it into the set.

(that said, as much fun as the long closing jams are i wouldn’t mind them shortening them a little bit and squeezing another song or two in first)


Saw them last month in Cambridge and I Came From The Mountain and Toe/Thumb are both in the set still. Not sure if they played one track from Smote Reverser, maybe just the one. Where are you seeing them? I’m off to the London show.
Wax Face off Putrifiers is a beauty of an opening shredder.


Can’t see them ever cutting Toe Cutter/Thumb Buster. It never fails to get a huuuugggeee reaction when he first starts playing that riff.


Wax Face is absolutely glorious! A total beaut of an album opener.

Seeing them in Bristol with @colossalhorse! Totally psyched. Can’t wait to see Flat Worms also.


You doing Bristol?