A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread


Yes indeed! You going too Chadders?


Oh yes indeed. Gonna be my first Oh Sees gig too. Cannot wait.


Reckon so, just need to get a ticket. Shame they’re not playing a Clwb size venue like last time I saw them but you can’t have everything and I’ll be driving over the bridge so the shoddy choice of beer isn’t a bother.


Ah awesome, maybe see you down there then! I only just bought a ticket this week after clocking that there was now a waiting list on Dice - think there’s still some going on Seetickets / Ticketmaster etc. I heard that show at Clwb was immense! Do you know what the capacity is for the Academy?


Dammit follows me on instagram and seems like a v lovely fella


Love a good old sprawling wig out! Were there any songs that you wished they’d included in the set you saw?


I’d watched a few recent festival sets on youtube so knew roughly what songs to expect really! Though they’d been playing Web which they didn’t do in Manc which would have been great. Only played one song of Weird Exits too, definitely could have done with more. Mostly a nice mix though, and Dead Energy was loads of fun.



Kudos. Loved Dammit! in the band, one dead cool dude.


2000 though I suspect they won’t open the upper areas.


Listened to Melted yesterday after it was recommended in this thread. OOOOOOOFT


Yeahhh would love to hear some Weird Exits material especially The Axis. The Manic setlist is pretty varied though, hopefully they’ll be some differences at the Bristol gig.


Definitely either Twins or Slaughterhouse a spin next if you’re new to Ty KG!


I’ve heard (and love) both of those, especially Twins (‘Ghost’ and ‘Handglams’ 4evs). Had never looked into the older albums but will do that!


Oh mannnn Handglams is the one :metal:

Lemons would be your next port of call on your to listen list then! Also think you’d dig his collab with Mikal Cronin Reserve Shark Attack. Proper hook, proper fuzzzzzz


Spotted that Mikal Cronin collab. there. That’s next!

Have only seen Ty and the Muggers once and got the glasses kicked off my face (a friend caught them). Was an amazing show.

On the subject of Thee Oh Sees I saw them along with Fucked Up in Barcelona in 2015. Absolutely incredible shit. Just not familiar enough with the albums.


Haven’t listened to the collab in a while but I don’t recall there being as much sax as you might anticipate there being on there (if you even were expecting this)…

Saw Ty on the muggers tour also! The show was awesome but it was also on the day on the Brexit result so as you can imagine throwing myself around to some psych jams was much needed. It was kinda cathartic. Also saw him on the Sleeper tour which was obviously much more subdued though he did unleash a ripping (mostly) acoustic version of Girlfriend which was naturally a HUGE crowd pleaser!

Were Oh Sees on before or after Fucked up? Absolutely insane double bill either way!


Considered going to see Kid Congo that night but I hadn’t slept from staying up watching the results so i was too tired and annoyed for a gig


Had been watching the results coming in then had to drive a friend to the airport around 4ish that morning then worked a shift before travelling into London for the show. Think I was probably drinking pints of coffee that day tbh.


I’m driving across the bridge as well. You Cardiff based? You could jump in with me and @wizardlizard if you fancy a shoddy beer or two.

I had no idea they’d played Clwb - looks like it was a few months after I’d moved to Wales too. Cannot believe I missed that!


I’m in Newport (so sort of on the way?). A lift would be much appreciated if you’ve got room for an old man.