A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread

One of the few bands whose albums I listen to on shuffle, so this name change is going to play HAVOC with that

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Castle Face Records are curating a portion of this year’s Liverpool Psych Fest. Some interesting looking bands there, but not Thee Oh Sees!

Is this weird? It feels weird.

When it comes to bands and artists with multiple names, I’m a total heathen. For ease of indexing I pick one name and stick to it. Hence all Sun Ra/Sun Ra Arkestra etc on my computer is just indexed as “Sun Ra”; and all Acid Mothers Temple & Melting Parais UFO/Cosmic Inferno etc is just indexed as Acid Mothers Temple.

I know it’s wrong, but it just makes things easier.


Absolutely love this first track off it

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Not sure when it happened but all their stuff is back up on Spotify after disappearing a couple of years ago.


Just checked this out…great news. Just need Drag City to let all their artists onto Spotify now…but having the Oh Sees on is huge.

Brilliant, thanks for pointing this out! Gonna free up so much space on my phone now if I can just stream their stuff.

Absolutely fucking fantastic news!! Barely listened to their last couple of releases because they weren’t available on Spotify - think I’m going to go on MASSIVE Oh Sees binge :smiley:

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Love this band but saw them recently for the first time in ages with the new line up. Not sure if I’m liking it as much, just feels like John Dwyer and a bunch of session musicians who spend most of their time looking at Dwyer waiting to see what he does next. Petey Dammit and Brigid Dawson always gave them a bit of a different edge.

Still sounded great though.

Saw them in Manchester last night. First time I’ve seen them. A bit special I thought, 3 drummers for the final song.

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Argh I was going to go to that and decided against it as I decided getting there from Glasgow was all a bit much for a band I’ve seen countless times. But now regretting that decision…

How were Peacers? Might go see them on Friday.

Hard to say, thought the sound for them was all over the place but there were a couple of good songs in there under the terrible sound, or they are just pure shite? On that showing I am not rushing out to see them again, or even find out if they do sound good on record.

Oh Sees were immense and the sound was great.

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Someone up above asked where a good place to start is, but I don’t think they got an answer.
So … umm … where is a good pace to start?

The album they released last year, A Weird Exits, is as good a place as any. Quite accessible by their standards, but still pretty out there.

Someone else might suggest that you jump right in with one of their messier earlier albums (in which case, try Castlemania), but there’s no shame in easing yourself in gently.

Floating Coffin is a great entry point I reckon, but my two favourites are Carrion Crawler/The Dream and Mutilator Defeated at Last.

All those albums factor pretty heavily in their live shows also so you would be on the right path if you’re thinking of seeing them live (which you should).

Agree with @Sgreen that Floating Coffin would be a good starting point or alternatively start from the beginning and listen to how they’ve evolved with each album…

Think my top three would be:

  1. Carrion Caller/The Dream
  2. A Weird Exits
  3. The Master’s Bedroom Is Worth Spending a Night In

I’d also highly recommend Coachwhips (Dwyer’s pre-OC’s band). The Bangers Vs Fuckers album is just great.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Much appreciated.

Brilliant! I’ve been rinsing the live version of this track from their This Is Not a Love Song set so it’s good to have the studio one.

have only heard from Carrion Crawler onwards but

  1. Mutilator Defeated at Last
  2. A Weird Exits
  3. Floating Coffin