A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread

This is a band I’ve always wanted to get into but has never really stuck. This new single is the first time ,I’ve really liked a song of theirs straight away.

So now I’ve officially thrown in the towel on Protomartyr, they’re just not for me. I’m going to give these guys a good honest try.

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It took me a while to “get” them and now they’re one of my favourite bands! Sounded like a mixture of daft guitar riffs, boinging noises and a singer who sometimes sounds like an Oompa-Loompa. After listening to them a lot something just clicked though.

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Orc’s probably a good one to start with!

Never listened to them on record only ever seen them live.

I listened to Floating Coffin on someone’s recommendation when it came out, really liked the opener but didn’t go back to the rest of it. Then it went off Spotify and none of the new albums went up for a while, think I checked out Putrifiers at one point but it really didn’t grab me (love it now).

When they finally put all the new stuff on Spotify I tried Mutilator Defeated at Last first and fell in love with it immediately and got absolutely hooked on that and Weird Exits.

So I guess I’d say start with Mutilator. It’s still my favourite and it’s really short too.


It was The Master’s Bedroom… that got me into them but Floating Coffin and Mutilator made me adore them (and tbh their new albums are making me fall out of love with them a bit).

Mutilator probably just pips it for me due to having Web and Sticky Hulks on it

Edit: WAIT actually maybe Carrion Crawler/The Dream because… well:


I like the new ones, though I would like them to go back to something snappier

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Block of Ice is what got me into them, but maybe the vocals are a bit silly there? I don’t know.

Digging the new track, heard it on Marc Riley’s show yesterday where he played it twice in a row which was fun

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I’m way behind but this is one of the albums that I missed earlier in the year and have only caught up with now. I think it is an excellent release - one of the rare records that I put on again as soon as it had finished.

Not sure about this new direction. The rawness of the rehearsal video is better though. Some of the jumbled mashed up sound reminds me of the Rhubarb & Custard theme tune.


Full album stream. Listened while cleaning this morning and really liked it.


Going to have a listen. I have the vinyl on order from Rough Trade so hoping that I can collect it tomorrow or Saturday but I’m impatient.

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The newer sound has grown on me since one of my comments up above in this here thread. Love songs like Red Study more than the ferocious ‘bangers’. Some really interesting sounds going on throughout and with his vocals too. Picking up the vinyl tomorrow. I’ve been playing lots of Coachwhips recently too, great way to release some job loss stress and tension!

Listened to it a couple of times all the way through (which is more than I can say about the last album) and I think I quite like it? Seems to sit somewhere between the groovy sounds of something like Sticky Hulks, the brash intensity of Smote Reverser (specifically tracks like Overthrown) and, strangely, the fun silliness of Castlemania.

Wouldn’t class it as a true return to form and I have abandoned the idea that they will ever get back to Mutilator/Floating Coffin/The Dream glory days, but a definite improvement on the last few noodle-tastic outtings.

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Hope it like this one :crossed_fingers:
The last one didn’t do much for me at all unfortunately

Going to give the new one a listen later. I thought the last album was one of there best. I love floating coffin/ Carrion crawler era but think I like the last few albums more. I enjoy the noodly aspects. Love the 20min track Henchlock on the last album

I don;t think Dwyer is that sort of musician, probably would rather break up the band than go backwards

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