A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread

Between 2009 and 2014 were undoubtedly my favourite band, nobody could touch them. But since the lineup change, something has left me a little cold and I am not sure entirely why. They (I say they, its just Dwyer now really isnt it) still release fantastic albums, but the charm of the old lineup/live show is gone for me.

Maybe its because they don’t play ten minutes of Block of Ice anymore. That’s probably it.

I’m definitely jealous of anyone who got to see them in that period, before there was any hype around them. But I think their most recent records are the most consistent so far…

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I agree, I loved the old line up and it always seemed each member brought their own little style with them. I know Dwyer has always been the main man but sometimes a band are more than just the songs, I loved watching Petey Dammit and Bridgit was just so cool that it seemed they were this little gang. Now it just looks like John Dwyer and a bunch of session musicians. Saw them a few times within that 2009 - 2014 period and whilst they were good at Field day this year it just wasnt the same.

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drummers have changed around a bit but bassist has been there for a while now i think

have only heard snippets of the earlier stuff so i’m not particularly qualified here admittedly, but the impression that i get™ is that they really upped their game from Carrion Crawler onwards

Yep, first thing I have heard from this band that I have actually enjoyed. (Yeah, I know. Sorry.) Thanks for the steer. I feel inspired and will spend today (a typhoon day here in Hong Kong) exploring the back catalogue a little …

New album streaming properly ahead of Friday, first few listens and I think I prefer it to either of the releases from last year:

re line-up change, I totally get this… I got into them around 2010/2011 (but sadly never saw them live in that formation) and they do seem like pretty much a completely different band today.

This is already out in the UK I think, Fopp had it on sale last Friday

Oh right, fair enough!

yeah, out physically but not digitally til friday it seems

Well they’re one of my favourite bands but I only got to see them this year after a couple of false starts and I LOVED the two drummer goodness…

I saw them play a tiny venue in Berlin a couple weeks ago it was AMAZING

Haven’t played Ireland since 2013, which I missed (was in a great venue too). Hope they bother to come back

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enjoying the progginess of Orc, though it doesn’t match Exits or Mutilator for me. was probably a good idea to switch things up a little bit though


This thing with the names is getting confusing.

Nice to see him collaborating with Ocean Colour Scene though

This bodes very well for the November release. Great to see Brigid involved more fully again.

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Well that’s pretty nice indeed, love a JD/Brigid harmony.

Reckon this is just a fun throwback to the OCS name to celebrate the 20 years/100th Castle Face release, rather than another full name change.

Well that is a pleasant surprise after myself and a few others had a slight moan further up about missing the old Brigid days. Really great track.

don’t listen to the proper early stuff much but this is good actually

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