A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread

Hoping to do Newcastle in November :crossed_fingers:

Easily another 6. Possibly more.

they’ll probably record one on the flight over from the US

So it looks like they’ve merged the two Electric Ballroom shows into one at the Troxy?

I need to check I haven’t already got something in from gigs I’d forgotten existed that have been rescheduled twice over that might clash with that but I’m up for The Tramshed.

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Yep, they have. Kind of sucks in a way as it’d be the third time in a row seeing them at the Troxy and I was really looking forward to the more intimate Electric Ballroom. Got a refund on my tickets and may look at Brighton instead or just skipping it all together this time around. Seen them every time they’ve been over since Floating Coffin onwards anyway.

On a different note, is anyone on their Facebook fanpage at all? The reactions on there for the Endless Garbage improv album he dropped recently have been very funny/annoying. It’s really split opinion on there, sides have been taken and it’s almost become a “like it or shut up” type scenario. Thing is not everything he releases is golden anyway but people blindly buy everything no matter what. All gets a bit weird (and a bit Trumpy) if someone can’t say “nah, not liking this one by him at all” without that person getting told to shut up and go away/only good comments allowed here, or told they don’t “get it” or they need to open up their ears/mind and learn to like it. I hate that sheeeeiiiiiit. It’s an ok album but the percussion sounds like the drummer is having a mad rummage in his pots and pans cupboard.

Ah ace! I should have joined you for the last one really. I’ve had a try on the Tramshed website and couldn’t seem to be able to buy tickets for it yet anyway but if it can happen I’m in and I’d look forward to seeing you there!

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I guess tickets will go on sale at the end of the week or something?

Ah hadn’t spotted that - was being a bit eager! Did spot that there was another couple of decent gigs being put on Tramshed next year (Wedding Present & De La Soul) plus Laura Marling before the end of this year too. Could all be good…

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Tickets for Cardiff on sale now.

Looking forward to this as i had to leave the last Tramshed show 5 mins before they hit the stage for a bloody work emergency

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Argh no that’s so rubbish at that last show! Well this will be a great chance to catch them then - it’s great to see that they’ve included a Cardiff date again - think before the Tramshed show, it’d be a number of years since playing Clwb, I believe.

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I mute all fanpages because they’re always a bit like this

I liked Witch Egg but haven’t heard the latest one, cba with another one already

Yeah believe Bridget and Mikey were still in the band at the last Clwb show so it was a while ago.

Just had a peek on Setlist FM and apparently it was in 2013! Woah

Wise man, I always consider leaving it but never do. Love Witch Egg and Bent Arcana.

The London show is put on by Barry Hogan under his latest guise, Ambidextrous Events.

That is balls!

If its any consolation the tramshed show was good but wasn’t a GOAT oh sees show. Possibly sound or fatigue. Obviously going to the next one tho.

Hasn’t he been doing it for awhile? Genuinely thought that Barry put on all Oh Sees shows over here.

His Facebook page is only listing the London show for 2021 and the Brighton/Cambridge/Oxford shows for 2022.

Tickets booked for Liverpool. Would’ve preferred Birmingham but it had sold out.

Very excited to be going to a gig, let alone this lot.