A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread


Haven’t played Ireland since 2013, which I missed (was in a great venue too). Hope they bother to come back


enjoying the progginess of Orc, though it doesn’t match Exits or Mutilator for me. was probably a good idea to switch things up a little bit though



This thing with the names is getting confusing.

Nice to see him collaborating with Ocean Colour Scene though


This bodes very well for the November release. Great to see Brigid involved more fully again.


Well that’s pretty nice indeed, love a JD/Brigid harmony.

Reckon this is just a fun throwback to the OCS name to celebrate the 20 years/100th Castle Face release, rather than another full name change.


Well that is a pleasant surprise after myself and a few others had a slight moan further up about missing the old Brigid days. Really great track.


don’t listen to the proper early stuff much but this is good actually


Yep - from the live album/film, Hounds of Foggy Notion. Check out the others - it’s all good. Actually my favourite of theirs.


had a listen to The Cool Death of Island Raiders at work today, most of it sort of faded into the background for me but that track stood out (pretty cool that Dave Sitek and Kyp Malone are on it but i didn’t notice them tbh). i’ll check out the rest of the live versions!


Wasn’t aware of this either! Which track(s) do they feature on?


Currently listening to Masters Bedroom. What a record!


not sure! they’re just shown as contributors on wikipedia


Didn’t realise there was actually was another one on the way. That’s nice.


Is this real, the site seems to be satire


it’s satire :frowning:




those titles are incredibly realistic



Mmmmmm …