A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread


Troxy gig next year… don’t know how but never been there… what’s it like, for seeing someone like them?


Never been to the Troxy either but this looks pretty special. Just got a pair of standing tickets via Stargreen,



Didn’t realise oh sees had become so big - Troxy is 2.6k capacity, and £30 a ticket. Can’t have been much more than a tenner when i last saw them at a gig (rather than a festival) in a half full brudenell. Still very tempted though, particularlrly as it looks like a castle face showcase.


I think the 5 band line up is reflected in that ticket price. Last couple of London gigs have been the Coronet and the Kentish Town Forum. Coronet was £20, with a great 3 band line up, a high water mark gig for me, venue holds 2600 too. Booking a pair for this Troxy gig cost me £67 inc fees, which made me gulp a bit. I just hope their headline set isn’t a shorter one because of all the other bands beforehand.


Manchester tickets are on Dice. Wish the London ones were as well.


Manchester pre-sale link


Liam Gallagher reviews The Static God :smiley:


New mail order only 12" available https://castlefacerecords.co.uk/products/oh-sees-dead-medic-12 Only about 500 pressed I think. Just grabbed an electric blue version, whilst shutting my eyes to the reality of the overall cost.


Got to shipping method and shit out :unamused:


Castle Face’s tax and postage costs really do suck, can’t see how they justify it…but excitement took a hold of my wallet and here I am, awaiting an expensive jam, possibly on a one sided 12".


I’ll check back on availability after I’ve been paid for some more will I won’t I action.


The American site always looks dirt cheap, but with obviously massive UK shipping costs. $5 for most of the older CDs. Europe site not so much.


Yeah same, not ideal for this time of year :frowning:

Gutted, always up for more (Thee) Oh Sees odds & ends.


Things is, when ordering from the EU site the records ship from Monmouth, but at 10 Euros plus 3 Euros tax. I don’t get why it’s so pricey. I normally skip the Castle Face editions and buy the UK colour presses from an indie-store instead, but this one is only available from them direct. It better be worth it.


Ahh I assumed they were shipping from mainland Europe somewhere! Weird.


Weird indeed. Last couple of records I had from them a while back were post stamped Monmouth. Postage should only be about £4.50 max


Nice interview with John Dwyer in Marc Maron’s WTF podcast:


Marc Riley played an Oh Sees song last night, and I missed the name. When it first came on I thought it was Mastodon. Any ideas?


Animated Violence? Admittedly don’t know Mastodon very well but that’s probably the most metal Oh Sees song.


That’s the one! Thanks,.