A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread


Feels like if anyone in this thread hasn’t seen it, they’ll enjoy this:


Probably a good starting point tbh, it’s got all the hits.


Good grief, ‘Withered Hand’ sounds monstrous



Had Marc Riley on in the back ground earlier and he played Dead Medic. Didn’t immediately recognise it as Oh Sees, but it sounds excellent. Amazing how they keep evolving and churning this stuff out:


I’m tempted to head down to Manchester for Castlemania in March. I’m already going to Manchester in the middle of February though, can I justify both? Anyone got any idea why they never play in Scotland?


Dwyer’s afraid of kilts/irn bru/scotch pie/buckie/take your pick.


I’ve seen them four times but every time has been in fucking Barcelona



Last summer I saw them at Urban Spree, Berlin in a room this big (diff band)


Oft. Aye, saw them at the Sala Apolo a couple of times and a couple of times at the festival proper. The best.


i’m going to this, will be my first time seeing them. really need to get round to booking flights


I’ve pretty much convinced myself that I’m gonna do this now. Have you checked out the other bands on the bill?


aye Flat Worms and Kelley Stoltz’s albums from last year were both pretty strong. Male Gaze sound decent as well, Once & Future Band didn’t do as much for me as the others on first listen but i’ll give them another listen.


They are the best live band. Just next level. Never heard anything on record that has come close though.


I heard it on his show too, whilst cooking in my kitchen. Really great to hear it on there. I picked up the blue vinyl version from Castle Face, a pricey purchase but it’s a lovely pressing and the B-side is a cool spaced out mellow number.


More Damaged Bug material:


For those hitting the London Castlemania gig:

Male Gaze: 6:15 pm

Flatworms: 7:00 pm

Kelley Stoltz: 7:45 pm

Once And Future Band: 8:35 pm (gutted these are the penultimate band as I really don’t dig them and they’ll end up winding me up prior to Oh Sees lunacy)

Thee Oh Sees: 9:30 pm


Good info - thanks. Although it will mean I’ll miss Flatworms as I won’t be there that early, damn


are oh sees doing a folky set or a double drummer mayhem set yreckon? :thinking:


Double drummer mayhem for sure. Can’t imagine they’d go down folky avenue for it.