A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread


Manc set times:


They did a one off OCS folky show after the OCS album but are otherwise still in double drummer mode as far as I’m aware.


I don’t dislike them but easily my least fav on the lineup yeah


This is Friday right? If I’d have known I’d have come down a day earlier!


have just found out they’re releasing a live album of this


I’m gonna be so raging if this beast from the east cunt stops me from going to this


It does not look promising. Megabus have suspended all their Scottish services. Fucking brilliant.


Loads of snow in Belfast but flights still look promising (probably delayed but not cancelled).

Will be absolutely raging if they get a snow day at work while I’m off though (have just passed work on the airport bus and it’s still open but have a feeling they’ll send people home at some stage)


That sounds hopeful! Good old air travel.

By the time the buses get up and running again, I don’t think it’ll be worth the risk. Don’t wanna end up stranded on a motorway and miss the gig anyway and I was only heading down for the one night. The TV has also been up all night being sick so she isn’t able to go regardless. I knew I should have got ticket insurance, what an almighty waste of money.


Aye but when you’re booking tickets for a gig in March you’re not really expecting snow to be an issue!


just got a spare ticket off a friend for the Manc show tonight :slight_smile: for free and all


Another (!) new album being recorded this month


Pretty shit situation, and I hope this isn’t overly cheeky, but will quite happily take a ticket off you for a bit of dosh if you haven’t got rid of them and are able to send electronically?

I’m really skint (no income currently lol, great times) so can’t really afford face value but would quite like to go and live in Manc so no travel concerns. No problem if not!


I’d love to help you out but I got physical tickets. Very gutted.


I’m actually so angry, I’ve been looking forward for this for ages. Lessons learned I guess. Always get electronic tickets, always get ticket insurance.


No problem at all, it’s a real pain isn’t it and thought it was worth checking. Hopefully you get to see 'em before long.


I’ve seen them a few times before but they seem to hardly ever play in the UK. Every time I’ve caught them before it’s been at Primavera and they’ve never played in Scotland in the whole time that I’ve been listening to them so I was pretty hyped that they were even coming as far north as Manchester. Really gutted as they’re one of my favourite bands and the tickets are just going to waste. Ah well.


Yeah it’s odd - They played 1 Manchester date last year and 1 Leeds date the year before that - but never 2 northern cities together! Never played Scotland though, wow.


Yep, Friday (sorry for sloooow response, distracted by weather and path clearings etc etc). I live by the seaside in Essex so only have to hop on the c2c trainline to Limehouse station, do the gig, hop back on and get home. Storm Emma and the Beast best not get too show offy and shut that line down.


That was a lot of fun.