A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread


was bananas


@tricklenipple @Icarus-Smicarus where were you guys?


Would absolutely love to see these guys live. ‘Plastic Plant’ is a monolithic beast of a tune.


Double drummer ramalama whahooooo action with an extra long extended freak out for Contraption or something?


Absolutely all of that


I was quite near the front on Dwyer’s side of the stage


I have two spare tickets for Oh Sees tonight at Troxy in London. Fine lineup of five Castleface records bands. I am going and can meet at the door or transfer them over to anyone on Dice. I only want the cost price of course. Send me a message if interested.


and yes, they are dowstairs tickets.


Was the only Weird Exits song they played last night but was indeed a beast


Listening to them for the first time in prep for tonight. They’re ok, not sure why I’m going really. More importantly though, what’s a good pub by the troxy?


right up the front. my shoes came off right at the beginning. sore toes. the security wouldn’t give me them back until I proved I didn’t have shoes on. like who is trying to rob shoes at an oh sees gig?


The George Tavern on the same road is supposed to be very good. 8 mins walk


Be interested to hear your opinion of the Oh Sees after you’ve seen them live. Great live band. They were awesome last night at Manchester as usual.


Some guy with no top, shoes or socks on kept crowdsurfing, getting pulled over the barrier by security and then running round and doing it over and over again. Kept having to move out of the way for this frantic little troll man


Went on my own as my friend I was staying with didn’t fancy shelling out the £30, but ended up running into some Belfast folk I know a bit from bands, which was cool. Wanted to tag along for pints next door after but had to find my way back to my friend’s house at a reasonable hour.

Kelley Stoltz LPs were only a tenner at the merch stand, was gonna pick up Que Aura at the end but got distracted and forgot. Him and Flat Worms were v good, the other 2 bands I could take or leave, felt like the running order should be rejigged but I’d guess Hellman would fancy a decent break between sets.


Played 2 of my favourite small venues in Ireland in 2013 apparently, missed both as I only checked them out a few months later (and only got properly into them last year). Don’t think they’ve been back since. Annoying.


Fucking hell, that bloke. Don’t mind crowd surfers normally (comes with the territory doesn’t it) but he was irking. Wish security could’ve got rid of him.

See also: few sweaty blokes taking their top off at the frontt. Hardly a prude, but come on lads, bit grim.

Other than that, top gig last night, glad I found a last minute spare. Not bothered about the latter two supports but everyone else was great. Good venue, first time I’d been.


:smiley: oh no

your hands are in a bad way already, you didn’t need sore feet

trying to find a way to listen to that last Kelley Stoltz tune with the bassline and the tambourine because that was siiiiick


haha yes we saw that guy. We were waiting in the foyer afterwards and he was wandering around looking completely lost; no top on, bare feet - but he had found one of his shoes. No socks though :joy:

Great gig, we were slightly further back on RHS. Enjoyed KS and Flat Worms, Male Gaze were OK but hoped for better after listening to them beforehand. Once and Future Band were pretty ridiculous but fun, psychey prog noodling which I kinda enjoyed watching but doubt I’ll listen to them again!

Picked up a Kelly Stoltz LP and they chucked in a free CD of some reworked Brian Eno album, will give both a listen over the weekend. Really liked him - glad there was a decent crowd for him.


Kelley Stoltz was excellent I thought. Hadn’t listened to him much beforehand but it really hit the spot. Very glad I was there at bang on half seven for the start of the set, weren’t messing around on the timing front were they