A Thee Oh Sees Appreciation Thread


gonna agree with the pro-Kelley Stoltz/Flatworms shouts, and add to the clamour that Male Gaze weren’t really all that.

Once and Future Band were jammy as fuck, not sure I was feeling it. just wanted to see the main event by that point.


yeah with a scruffy little beard? he was an annoying man.


Weirdly there were 2 interviews with them on the BBC website yesterday but in one of them he said

"We’ve been trying to play the UK more but now I’m getting more hate mail from Scotland and Ireland so I’ve gotta get my ass back over there.

“I don’t wanna piss those guys off – they can drink!”


They were…ok. enjoyable enough. Couldn’t get over the shorts


They’re Californian, I reckon it’s allowed


They were bloody great. Venue was too big, mind


Too big once you take in to account the couple hundred people who probably couldn’t make it.


Really enjoyed K Stoltz, I had a chat with one of his bandmates after and he took me to the merch stand and gave me a free copy of the Brian Eno album, which was nice.


Really enjoyed this episode. Dwyer is a dude.


Totally loved the Troxy show. Got down the front, really dug Kelley Stoltz, just a shame they cut their set short to allow time for Male Gaze who were late arriving. Once and Future Band surprisingly enjoyable. Oh Sees immense, just insanely great on all levels, mosh pit mayhem as per usual, head on fire finger in the socket craziness, I love them and love losing my shit to them live. Loads of cool merch on sale. One of those nights that keeps you buzzing for days. Wouldn’t have liked to have been further back in the crowd outside of the front pit though.


yeah i listened to a Male Gaze single on Spotify beforehand and thought they sounded pretty good but their set didn’t do much for me. hadn’t realised the singer is the other main Castle Face lad. was trying to work out how much irony was in his Fonzy schtick.

OAFB were a bit more enjoyable live than on record i thought but like @incandenza i was just ready for the main event by that point. the step up in quality when Oh Sees came on was massive


just checking out the London setlist, a few differences but not too disimilar. was v happy with the Manc setlist.

the Contraption jam is a lot of fun but secretly i tend to wish they’d knock 5 minutes off it and squeeze another tune or two in.


innit! just like… OAFB were a bit of a novelty thing, I felt. especially compared to one of the best live bands on the planet.


I’ll have to check the setlists out then. They played one I didn’t recognise, dedicating it to Male Gaze I think. So the singer is the other Castle Face dude eh. Spotted him wearing shades and swigging a bottle of wine side stage during Kelley Stoltz, made me laugh a bit. Said to my lady, he’s like the boyfriend in Stranger Things who comes good in the end, she laughed and said yeah he is. They were alright but much preferred the other bands, even OAFB.
I may have to agree about the Contraption jam. Prefer the way they jam out and extend The Dream, plus they used to do Contraption better with the previous line up BUT it’s still very very awesome. I love it when they space out a bit, like with Sticky Hulks live and songs like The Axis on record.


You got Encrypted Bounce, love that one.


You make a good point about Contraption and the previous line-up. They are absolutely one of the best bands in the world at the moment, but I really miss the old line-up. It was never as tight as it is now but there was something a bit more magical about it. I suppose part of it was that it felt like it could fall apart at anytime. The gig at the Brudenell for the floating coffin tour is still the best gig I’ve ever been to.


I saw them at the Scala in London on the Floating Coffin tour, one of my favourite gigs too. Love seeing them play and their one at the Coronet in London a year or so back with the new line up was aces too, with Magnetix and The Blind Shake in support, so good. This current line up is incredible but there was just something better about the previous one, more personality and fun.


Yeah we got a new song too. Forgot that Dwyer dedicated the Manc set to Mark E Smith right at the start <3

Yeah at one point mid-Male Gaze set the singer pulled a comb out of his pocket and combed his hair a bit, wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not. Someone also told me it wasn’t their usual lineup, instead of bringing the whole band over he just came over himself and recruited a British rhythm section?


I never saw them with the old lineup, but I followed Petey Dammit on instagram a while back and he seems like a lovely lad.


I thought it was a joke (he combed it twice iirc!). Was kinda like Alex Turners showman shtick, which I quite like.

I also really enjoyed some of the Manc crowd getting riled up about him wearing sunglasses indoors. Couple of guys near us were properly getting worked up over it