A thing I didn't realised about Papa Roach until it was far too late

In Last Resort, the first verse is identical to the opening “rap”.

This really wasn’t worth its own thread. Should have put it in the Segue thread. Or the Linkin Park one.

Far too late for what, though?

When did that song come out - 2000?

I think I realised this in 2014.

That’s far too late for someone with my reputation to make this realisation.

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I’d suggest that the first verse was rapped and the opening bit was in more of a singing style.

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I wish somebody would tell me I’m right.

The lyrics on line suggest it is the same as the main verse, but I feel like this is a ‘standard’ song teaser that has been used in other cases. Not that I can think of any right now.

Is this like the time I thought the “blow, blow me out…” bit in Country House made a really annoying song even more annoying and then about a year later realised that bit fits underneath the chorus and thought that’s actually quite clever and made a really annoying song slightly less annoying?

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Sorry Vincent, I don’t quite know what you mean by “fits underneath the chorus”.

He means it’s literally the counterpoint under the chorus

listen to the background vocals.

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Yep, that’s exactly right Theo. I love that short of thing. Like is Sowing The Seeds Of Love by Tears for Fears where it goes into the “Time to eat all your words, swallow your pride” section and then the initial “high time we made a stand…” part comes back in over the top of that. Great stuff.

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So I guesss my question is @ninetyeightytwo, when you realised this about Last Resort, where you all like “I can’t believe I’ve only just noticed, that’s pretty cool” or were you more like “I can’t believe I’ve only just noticed this, it changes my opinion of this song very little”?

It’s very popular in musicals and I love it there. When you’re stuck having to watch/listen to Frozen for the umpteenth time it’s things like this sort of stuff in the final verse of ‘For the First Time in Forever’ that keep you going.

Listening now…

That is an incredibly annoying song (even more so than Country House), but yes, good example.

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More the latter than the former.

Fact: they also had a trombone player when they first started and no guitarist. Should have stuck with that.

Decided that a trombone was just a possession and they didnt need that shit


Is this like when Sum 41 used the rap at the start if Fat Lip in that song witb Kerry King