A thread about Bank Poetry


How do you guys feel about bank (or building society) poetry then?

Does that Natwest black and white one about contrasting dualities get you in the feels?

Do you raise a wry grin at the Nationwide couple?

Talk about bank poetry in here.


That nationwide couple can get bent


Not even on seeing bank adverts on telly book.


Saw these guys projected in Superscreen before Bladerunner. 50 foot cunts. Also, why are they talking to a photobooth?




The more twee the ad, the more they have to hide.




leather jacket/cig/heineken/shades/freshly mown lawn


you can ring me at 3 o clock because I don’t know get a loan




Toby. Of course.


fucking HATE banks trying to be all touchy feely

adverts where they show a young couple getting a house and growing old together and etc it’s like FUCK YOU you’re milking them for every penny you can get just because they need somewhere to sleep and you’d fucking take their house away from them the first fucking month they missed a payment you enourmous cunts


isn’t that the ad? we’re great friends trust the bank
I’m being a bit drunken Joyce with the grammar here but you get the picture


More like hey we’re cool young millennials but we have a mortgage for some reason


though it is slightly entertaining how little chemistry those two actors have together. they clearly hate one another.


Dunno mate, I don’t know much about bank poetry really


wank poetry more like


Hahahahaha! Yeah, exactly mate!


Awwwww. I like what you did there: it’s not enYOURmous, it’s enOURmous.


YOU are thoughtless, YOU are cruel on accounts of this post