A thread about Belgium 🇧🇪



I’ve been to Belgium a few times but I’m gonna be spending some time next month there again. I’ve been to Bruges, Brussels and Ypres so we won’t be going there.

Interested in: beer (obv, I know most of the Trappist places don’t accept visitors but we might go to Achel? are there any smaller non-Trappist places worth visiting?), architecture, anything interesting really. We’ll have bikes so getting anywhere, even rural, won’t be a problem.

Tell me about Belgium please. Might even nip into the Netherlands and Luxembourg while we’re there.


Heard Charleroi is nice.





chrome has stopped showing flags and now shows country letters instead. that’s annoying.


(unless you’ve been already) you can drink Westvleteren 12 at cafes near Sint Sixtus in Vleteren (near Ypres). It is the best beer in the world I reckon.




I miss Belgium so much :disappointed:


I had Westvleteren 12 at a beer festival in Bruges so not that fussed about specifically trying to find it again – we will be passing through Vleteren though so might stop for a cheeky bottle :slight_smile:


what’re your favourite places DD? tell me more!!


These maps are good


My friend’s house in Leuven is really nice if that helps.


went to a bar (called Capital I think?) in Leuven with a thousand beers on the menu

the Halbe Maan brewery in Bruges is cool

eat loads of chocolate


yes!! when we went to Bruges we used the Bruges one and it was dead good.


The Belgian Flag emoji is on the end of @thewarn’s subtitle text.


Flanders is generally much better than Wallonia (but the Ardennes is nice obviously, places like Dinant, you’d be going that way to go to Luxembourg I guess but there’s nothing in Luxembourg and you’d be wasting your time imo). I really like Antwerp and Ghent is worth visiting too. The seaside towns are pretty naff so don’t bother.


don’t know which breweries are best to visit but you can buy nice beer everywhere obvs


Antwerp and Ghent are fantastic. Both well worth a visit.

Oostend is like a classic British seaside resort (ie quite shit) but really enjoyed going on the coastal tram and pretending I was in spirited away.


Maybe look at places on your route. Chances are they’ll have some sort of bike race going on (either local kermeese or pro races) and a brewery of some sort. But all my tips are in the bike wanker thread.




Antwerp’s on the list, will be passing through Ghent on the way but no time to stop really, should we rectify that?

Yeah, we are, just wondering if there’s some more general tips or recommendations or anything.