A thread about breakfasts (and also Nan foods)

Earlier today I was thinking of starting a thread called “I’ve started having water with my corn flakes” and there has been a nice wee bit of breakfast chat in the World Cup thread so let’s open this out to the wider community.

Talk me through your ideal breakfasts. You can provide context, location, company or whatever but the main focus should be on the component parts of the breakfast itself.

Thanks in advance x

A new caffe nero has just opened in our building so I had a toasted ham and cheese croissant this morning. Flaky, buttery, sweet and salty. Heavenly.

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A mate of mine fills a pint glass with granola and cold green tea.

  • Hurt him
  • Just make him go missing

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Pancakes and waffles are my favourite breakfast foods but I also like to have protein in my morning meal. One of the best breakfasts I ever had was at a punk fest in Germany where we were given the vegan version of the traditional German breakfast (breads, cheese, cold meats).

A pineapple from boots?

Please expand…

I had one hell of an omelette the other week. Don’t really know what made it so good. I think it was the fact they used a lot of high quality cheese and did not scrimp on the butter. A lot of errors people make in cooking is not using enough fat (in this case, butter) or not enough seasoning but… this was perfect. Just a first class omelette.

I’ve been having 2 Caramacs on the drive into work a lot lately. A nice filling highly nutritious breakfast I’m sure you’ll agree.


I had two omelettes in one weekend about four weeks ago, these were my first omelettes in about three years until that point.

Were they any good?

Not on breakfast book tbf. Will sometimes have a danish of a weekend. Mainly it’s just black coffee until lunchtime.


If it was a death row situation, I’d have bacon, fried eggs, sausage (both link and lorne), potato scone, toast, beans, fried tomato, glass of fresh orange and a black coffee.

On a daily basis though, some cornflakes or some muesli is fine.

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Do you like a frittata, Tone? (Not for breakfast, obviously).

To be honest I’m quite happy with well made scrambled eggs on toast and a hot chocolate.

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  • cup of freshly ground / brewed coffee (black, very occasionally some cold brew or an “iced latte” or an espresso)

  • two slices of toast (currently Aldi’s honey-soaked seeded bloomer, BEST bread) + spreadable butter + peanut butter on one slice, Rose’s lime marmalade on the other

  • Greek yogurt with honey and fruit and sometimes protein granola

  • at the weekend maybe there will be some kind of egg / avo / chorizo element or maybe beans on toast

Blueberry wheats and a coffee today. There’s a cafe near our flat which does these incredible breakfasts, including spicy beans, which I can’t get enough of. Not sure what they put in there but hoollyyy shit

A p i n e a p p l e f r o m b o o t s :pineapple: :boot: :boot:


My breakfast alternates between:

  • Grapefruit
  • Peanut butter on toast
  • A Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Yoghurt (either strawberry, raspberry or mango)
  • A bowl of blueberry or cherry wheat things (which are a bit like filled mini shredded wheat)

Normally shared with Jimbo, who will find whatever I’m eating much more appealing than whatever he’s been given

Here we go.

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So the pineapple was in the shoe all along?

what’s worse

  • plasticniki’s beans on toast for breakfast
  • laelfy’s hot chocolate for breakfast

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