A thread about catalogues

Does anyone’s Mum still get the Littlewoods catalogue or whatever that other one was called?

Anyone got any fun or interesting anecdotes about using a Littlewoods catalogue in any way (I’m not that interested in hearing about pre-internet era adolescent boys looking at the bra sections but I’ll take it if it comes to it)

You can talk about other stuff as well if you want? I’m not that fussed about the direction of this thread. Me and Hoogy are also talking about 17th century plays in some other thread if anyone’s interested.

I am a cataloguer.

The Grattan catalogue brings back hazy memories of carbon paper order forms.

This isn’t about that type of catalogue but we can talk about it if you really want to?


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Met someone who worked for Argos the other day. Asked them if the catalogue is still a big deal, even in this digital age, she said it was. I knew people when I was a kid would make their Christmas list by giving the product number from the Argos catalogue, but I found that a bit tasteless tbh.

Can you link me to the discussion of 17th century plays? Thank you in advance.

I’m standing by that Nicola. We can talk about cataloguing if you want.

No thank you.

Remember New Argos Catalogue Day?

Innovations catalogue was the best.

Also I remember some catalogue that had an ‘intimate massager’ (dildo) and ‘air flow tights’ (crotchless) that was in some Sunday paper me mam had.


Yeah, I remember Argos new catalogue day.

YES! I was looking through Littlewoods just last night at mum’s, under order to pick something I wanted for my birthday. Went for some shorts. These ones I think:

Can you provide further details on these people

What was it about Index that caused it to fail while Argos carried on?

Here come the catalogue fans!



Remember the wonder of walking past a pallet, stacked with Argos catalogues. It felt like a free book; yours to treasure

My mum used to get Peter Craig (littlewoods) and the Kays/John Noble catalogues when I was a kid. We used to get quite a lot of our clothes from there as they worked out cheaper than the shops, once the discounts/commission had been applied.

The credit agreement prices for electrical goods were extortionate though. “Why rent, when you can buy!” it said, but you’d end up paying about 30% more than the RRP at the end of the 3 years.

I miss the innovations catalogue.

My grandma bought a ‘WHISPER 3000’ from it as she was a bit hard of hearing. But then she didn’t like using it.

I ‘borrowed’ it and sat in the front room, with the volume up full to see if I could hear the birds outside. My brother came in and shouted at me. Hurt quite a bit.


There was a bit in my hometown where they moved the Index into the inside of a different shop. That probably didn’t help.

Just other kids at school you know, if you discussed writing a list of things you wanted for Christmas, they’d literally go through the Argos catalogue and take down the numbers of the products they wanted to make it easier for their parents to go and shop for them. While I appreciate the practicality of it, I do think it removes some of the magic of the gifting process.