A thread about catalogues

You get Argos inside Sainsers now

Kays! That was the other one I was thinking of!

Also Homebase sometimes

Used to be Freemans for us. Used to regularly convince ol’ ma Bugduv to get me trainers, pay the first week and never mention it again.

Distinctly remember getting some suede brown Air Max once and scuffing them up on the first day. £105 they were, in about 1997. Ridiculous.

Screwfix catalogues are bloody amazing toilet reading.


I remember this one:


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Lego catalogues are so lovely.



I tried this once or twice but my Ma got wise to it very quickly.

Did you know that Lego is Latin for plastic bricks?

I would like to build a collection of LEGO catalogues maybe?

Everyone check out this idiot dickhead.

Oh you aren’t getting your grubby mits on this month’s least viewed thread!

Couldn’t even if I wanted to mate

Did you ever go into Argos when they first got those wee stock checker bits and then just put random numbers in until you got a legitimate product?

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Discovered the wonderful world of catering catalogues recently. A fantastic mix of absurdly large things (a stick blender the size of a broom! A cheese knife with handles at both ends so people can use it like a lumberjack saw) and tragic pictures of people modelling hairnets.

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This has reminded me, at primary school someone once left out a catalogue for school PE equipment, we used to spend ages setting budgets and seeing what we could get, comparing the value of a certain set of javelins against a new collection of training cones. Fucking weird kids we were.

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Truly the sport of kings.

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Loved Innovations.

A green Posca marker for colouring around the edges of CDs to improve sound quality.

Hollow plastic pebbles to hide door keys in your front garden.

Blue blocker sunglasses.

Stone polishing kits.

Endless, endless, tut. But I want to own ALL of it.