A thread about changing your (sur)name

Anyone done it? Not talking about after a marriage or civil partnership, just by deed poll. Confused about enrolled versus unenrolled, and the pros and cons.


Presumably @Avery and @Gnometorious would know?

(I guess the main question I’d have is how much time is left on your passport and do you have to pay for a brand new one as a result, thus affecting timing.)

There’s absolutely no reason to enrol a deed poll as far as I am aware.

I used this template here


And printed onto parchment paper. Super easy. Make several originals as most companies will require an original (they’ll send it back) - think I did five.

The headache is in working out who you need to inform and doing the admin. There are some general lists available online. I just used a template covering letter to send with it, changing the company address and account number.


Amazing, thank you!

No worries, if you have any questions let me know. I’ve done it twice :man_facepalming:

I did it when I was 16 in Scotland but not by deed poll. I had to use the new name for two years (i.e. tell school) then make a witnessed declaration.

Suspect the other ways would have been quicker but this was easier.


You can just use your passport with your old name until it runs out.

The most interesting thing about the process for me was discovering how nebulous and fluid the concept of having a name is.


Yeah deed poll is an England & Wales thing init.

Congratulations Niki and Mike Bikewanker!


Yeah I was told that the Deed Poll thing is just a piece of paper that you can use in instances where someone like a bank asks that you provide them with proof of who you are but otherwise you don’t technically lose your old name. No idea how true that actually is though.

they’re at it

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Thanks guys, dead helpful. Can imagine the admin of informing banks etc is going to be a headache but oh wellllllllllllllll

I have literally just done this! and used deedpoll.org.uk who were excellent.


I hate my middle name and would love to change my first name too but way too socially awkward to start introducing myself as someone else.

But this thread has inspired me to change my middle name (to the first name I’d really like).

National let’s all change our names day :icecream: