A thread about Chicken Wings

Loads of pizza threads on here, not many on WINGS! Lets change this.

Do you love wings? I do!

Been craving buffalo wings for a while now, might make some at the weekend. Blue cheese dip; get it in me please!

Korean? Southern Fried? Salt n Pepper? Tell me what you’re into, tell me your favourite flavours, favourite recipes. Share some wing porn. Are you one of those people that likes those boneless things and thinks that’s in any way ok?


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Alright, Linda McCartney


The way that the Chicken Connoisseur strips a chicken wing is genuinely quite impressive. He must be munching on so much chewy bits of gristle and cartilage.


How many indie points are available for saying I don’t understand the fuss with wings - too high a bone and gristle to tasty meat ratio.


Hi there!

I went to a place called wings a few years ago and it was pretty good, they had a really hot hot hot hot hot sauce challenge. Everyone who did it looked uncomfortable.

Was it @grievoustim who posted a video about quick ways to eat wings? I can’t really chomp into them at the moment so this was quite a discovery for me.

Fish sauce chicken wings are nice, kind of agree with your man up there (not God) that generally they’re a bit of a faff. Had some Korean fried chicken the other week which had no bones and it was spectacular.

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See also: ribs.

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absolutely LOVE chicken wings. one of my favourite things about the US of A are the multiple chicken wing shops where they have a billion flavours.

i like a dry-seasoned wing over a wet one, and spicy as fuck. cajun is usually pretty good.

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All the way BAYBAY

Let’s not kid ourselves here, chicken wings are shit.

Ribs >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>[…]>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> wings


Get 6 wings and chips for two quid from Morleys (Queens Road Peckham branch) about once a week. One of my life’s finest pleasures.


Alright guys I fucking love chicken wings. Morley’s 6 wings and chips for £2 (!!) is the best taste to cost ratio that exists in the world of food today, and that’s a scientific fact.

I also live buffalo wings with a bit of blue cheese dip. Best I’ve had in LDN are from Sticky Wings on Brick Lane.


I’ve heard about this place and pretty desperate to try it!

This is my thread.

Recently went to Wingfest - by far the nicest Buffalo Wing on the day (and easily the best i’ve ever had) was by this crew: http://www.butchies.co.uk/

Their burger is absolute gold :+1:

nngggghhh, I really want to go here. I know not of anything similar up here. I bet there’s something in Glasgow. Will investigate.

Patty & Bun’s ‘Winger Winger Chicken Dinner’ are the best wings IMO.

Doesn’t surprise me at all - they were saying on the day that they don’t even usually do wings. They really were astonishingly nice.

wing… FEST!?


yeah they are great. I really like… uh… tactile foods where the ‘experience’ of eating them is as much a part as the taste. like a lot of shellfish.

would this post be more wanky if I included the word mouthfeel as well? it’s difficult to tell

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