A thread about Chicken Wings



Yes but you’ll be into the law of diminishing returns if you go much further


this is one of my biggest fears


what a time to be alive


blue cheese dip is obviously tasty but the problem is you can’t taste anything else. get that stuff on the carrot sticks.


yeah blue cheese is too overpowering. it’s shit on burgers for the same reason


I love the taste of it but you are right, small doses. I feel ranch dip works as well, can take more of it.


don’t usually go for the wings when I’m getting a drunk chicken dinner. bone-meat ratio isn’t good.

standard order:

Tower burger meal
6 nuggets OR chicken strippers if they have them
tin of Mirinda or Ting


I thought this until I had some at a burger chain in the US. Absolutely huge, they were. Probably full of more steroids than the cast of The Expendables but well worth the effort.


I’ve not been to any of these cool places but I do like the wings in the Brewdog on Poland Street. Pretty much guaranteed to pop in for a pint and six wings if I’m ever up in town.



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(never actually seen any of those films)


We don’t get Mirinda up here, it’s disappointing.


Korean. Could eat an unlimited supply of them.


Do love Ting but it’s behind Rio in the tropical drink stakes for me


Local guy does some awesome Goch Ya wings. They won the wild wing category at aforementioned Wing Fest, in fact.

(On the right):




I’m so angry I can’t have this.


Love wings.

Great mix of textures.
Great for bone cleaning with ease (oi oi)
Great surface area to volume ratio
Great at irking babymen ITT, apparently


not for the chicken it’s not!!1


What’s the most amount of wings you’ve ever eaten in one sitting?

24 for me.