A thread about Chicken Wings



got some in DUblin one lunch time and there must have been about 30, it was ludicrous

didnt eat them all


favourite chicken house in your area?

Lions, Peckham for me, Clive.


can you imagine the scenes if meat eaters posted in the vegan wings thread. Can you ?


Only 20 seconds further you’d be at Morleys. Huge error.


Got an excellent photo outside Rye Lane Morleys at 2 in the morning a few weeks back


Morleys is shit m9. always get the order wrong, plus chicken at Lyons is a lot better.


I give the guy on the right some change pretty much every day. didn’t realize he went that far into Peckham (he’s always hanging around Queens Road)


and btw if you’re getting chicken on rye lane then its Roosters Hut or death.

  • Hipster buttermilk doublefried £8 per wing
  • KF 2 for 99p
  • Non-franchise cheap fried chicken outlet

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Oh fuck might get some wings tonight guys


Got leftover vegan cuzza in the fridge but might grab some snack wings on the way home from the station


Big fan of Korean fried chicken, buffalo too


Korean fried buffalo?


On the iPlayer M74.


Did this happen?


got pizza in the end didn’t I :frowning:

maybe tomorrow


An important bit of research on chicken


They’ve just gone with a generic ‘USA Fried Chicken’ in Newmarket. Looking forward to a visit when we go to see the sister in law next weekend.


Are all these chicken wings from free range chickens? :confused: